Royals VP who oversaw Kauffman Stadium renovation will move into new role

Kansas City Royals Senior Vice President of Business Operations Kevin Uhlich will retire from his role overseeing the business side of the organization after 14 seasons in that position.

The Royals announced on Wednesday that Uhlich’s retirement will become official on October 30, and he’ll transition to a position as special assistant to team chairman and CEO John Sherman.

Royals senior vice president of baseball operations/general manager Dayton Moore expressed admiration and gratitude for Uhlich.

“Kevin has been a huge part of everything that we’ve accomplished,” Moore said. “I admire his steady, consistent leadership. He’s been extremely supportive of everything we’ve needed to do on the baseball side. It’s been a joy and a pleasure to work with him.

“As important as Alex Gordon has been on the field for us with his steadiness and consistency and commitment, Kevin Uhlich has been every bit of that in the front office.”

Uhlich served as the top executive in the business operations during a period that included an American League pennant in 2014 as well as a World Series championship in 2015.

Uhlich also ran the day-to-day operations through the transition of ownership from David Glass to Sherman and his ownership group last year as well as this year’s COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the shortened MLB season.

“I can’t thank Kevin enough for his support and hard work during our ownership transition over this past year,” Sherman said in a release from the club. “His knowledge of the business side of baseball has been a huge asset to me. While he’s stepping away from the day-to-day operations, we’re grateful that he will continue his valued relationship and institutional knowledge with our organization as an advisor. Our internal team will continue in their various roles with the same passion they bring every day.

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Real-Estate Agents Move Mountains to Sell High-Altitude Homes

Q: What obstacles have you encountered while selling homes in the mountains?

Kristina Bergstand

Real estate broker, Compass in Lake Tahoe

I was showing a house under construction to some clients. There were contractors in the house working, but they had left their lunch in the living space. We walked in and it was not one bear, but three bears, in the house eating their lunch. Literally three huge bears, in the house. We screamed, we ran and jumped in the car. I think it was a mama and two cubs, but they were not small cubs. They were large.

Finally the contractors saw them somehow, or maybe heard us scream, and kind of shoed them out. They meandered out, one by one, and went on their merry way. It was crazy. In the middle of the day. We hung out and waited for them to leave and then we went back in. The clients were laughing. I didn’t even know what to say. They’re from the East Coast actually. So I think they were excited to see the bear, but on the other hand, oh my goodness.

We’re in Tahoe so yeah, we have bears. You’ll see them here and there, but to have three of them in one house, it was a little disturbing.

They didn’t end up buying [the house.] In fact I’m still working with them. I don’t think they’ll end up in that community.

More: For These Unique Homes, Being the Odd One Out Has Its Ups and Downs

Kiki Peisach

Broker associate, Aspen Snowmass Sotheby’s International Realty

We were trying to sell the lifestyle of a property and I had a very eclectic seller. Eclectic and excited. He was like ‘We need to show every single opportunity that this property affords.’

It was a

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Remodel or Move?

So your house is getting that lived-in and hard-worn look. You are definitely ready for a change. The decision that needs to be made is, do you remodel your existing home, or do you build a new home?

The surprising news is that there are a lot of home remodeling projects you can take on that will not only increase the resale value of your home and refresh the look of your home, but also will not cost as much as you would think.

There are certain projects that have a great return on investment ratio and will also make the house much more attractive to future home buyers.


One of those projects is to invest in some landscaping. Curb appeal is probably one of the most important aspects people look at when searching for a new home. The outside of a house is often the first impression people will get when searching for homes. If they drive by and know nothing else of a house, they see how well the exterior of the home is maintained and can guess that the interior will be maintained well if the exterior looks nice.

If you’re starting from scratch, plant some colorful perennials that require a low amount of maintenance. These flowers can line the driveway or surround the mailbox and cheer up the look of the yard quite a bit. If you’ve already got flowers, bushes and trees planted, make sure they are all in good shape, the bushes and trees are trimmed and not out of control, and remove any dead or dying plants and trees that look neglected. Keeping the lawn mown and fertilized is a great way to make your yard lush and healthy.


A different color or simply a fresh coat of paint goes a …

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