Historic Hotel Paso Del Norte, Autograph Collection Opens After Multi-Million-Dollar Renovation

The doors to 1912 are reopening with the highly anticipated renovation of the historic Hotel Paso del Norte, Autograph Collection. After nearly four years and a multi-million-dollar renovation, the 351-room luxury hotel is welcoming locals and travelers to a destination where modern-day luxury inhabits a setting of history and culture. Here, panoramic views of the Franklin Mountains and terraces that overlook the glow of the Mexican border provide a distinct sense of place. Amidst birdcage light fixtures, inspired lounge areas offer retreats, while a thriving culinary scene bursts to life with El Paso’s most extensive list of wines and tequilas, and each room offers a private world of leisure.

“Once in a great while, you happen upon a place that captures time and everything that is good about life,” said Carlos Sarmiento, general manager of Hotel Paso del Norte, Autograph Collection. “That’s the feeling people experience at Hotel Paso del Norte. Here, everything that is good about life abounds: impeccable architecture, exquisite dining and drinks, friendly people, and the comforts of luxurious amenities. It’s not just an escape, it’s a celebration of living.”

Hotel Paso del Norte’s story aligns with that of the region. Originally opened on Thanksgiving Day in 1912, the hotel was known as the “Showplace of the Southwest.” It was the vision of prominent local businessman, Zack White, to create a first-class hotel that would attract people to the Southwest. He partnered with Trost & Trost Architects of El Paso and Andrews & Company of New York to put form to his vision, ultimately creating a destination that has stood the test of time.

Guests in the early 20th century would drink libations while watching the Mexican Revolution from the hotel’s storied 10th floor. Today, travelers and locals savor the hotel’s elegance while exploring the charms of

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Ammar’s completes multimillion-dollar renovation across stores

APPAREL and merchandise outfit Ammar’s has completed a series of major renovations across all three stores at a cost of approximately $60 million.

Speaking with the Business Observer, Michael Ammar Jr, owner of the retail chain and popular department stores, said that the completion of the projects coincides well with his initial plan of having the renovations done at a time when the company also celebrates its 60th anniversary.

“We spent about $60 million on the upgrades, with The Village being the majority of it. We actually were able to do this store [Sovereign] on a shoestring budget and come up with the identical layout, having had the experience of working on the other stores previously,” he told the Business

Observer, noting that while the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the process, they were grateful to have completed the much-needed renovations.

The upgrades, which see the stores having extended line selections, new flooring, larger cashing areas and better infrastructural amenities, are such which the proud owner said will help the business to boost its customer service and shopping experience as well as bring the stores up to world-class standards.

“It was a complete redo— we created a swimwear section, a larger lingerie section and a larger ladies’ section, including a jeans shop in the men’s department. We made the store just a lot more user-friendly. With COVID in mind we made the walkways wider and we created a much larger area at the cash counters so that people can line up safely,” he said.

The latest and final phase of the project was completed last month at the Liguanea branch, inside the busy Sovereign Centre. The other locations at Mall and Village plazas in Half-Way-Tree and the King Street branch in downtown Kingston were previously upgraded, with each

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