Navigating Contractor Frustrations After the 2020 Derecho

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As homeowners continue to deal with all the unknowns in the aftermath of the Derecho and the frustration only grows worse, the insurance restoration experts at American Building Contractors want to help. From cafe breakfast conversations and happy hour discussions to social media banter and neighborhood meetings here is what ABC is hearing and hopes to help resolve for the community.

The contractor I signed with or the one i’m thinking of signing with only does roofs, but i have more damage than that, so what do i do?

When you’re dealing with a contractor that only specializes in just one trade, fixing your roof or siding or structural damage or interior damage, you’re putting yourself in the position of having to function as a General Contractor. A General Contractor that specializes in insurance restoration work will coordinate all of your home restoration projects and takes the stress off of you to become an overnight construction expert and perform all of the functions of a licensed General Contractor.

If you’ve already signed with a roofing contractor but now realize you have a lot more damage than just your roof, you may be hearing “NO” from General Contractors when you ask if they will only do structural repairs, siding or repair just the interior damage and the reason for that response can be summed up in one word: LIABILITY.

When you have multiple contractors working on your home, dealing with a variety of trades and something goes wrong, all the contractors have the opportunity to point fingers at one another. This leaves you in the terrible position of having to determine who is responsible for what and the potential of no one solving the problem. A General Contractor will select all of

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