Ghost of Tsushima Announced for PS5, Next-Gen Improvements Revealed

Sucker Punch Production’s hit game Ghost of Tsushima is coming to the PlayStation 5, the developer said this week. It’s not getting a PlayStation 5 rerelease that we know of yet, but it’s been confirmed that the game will be playable on the next-gen console via backwards compatibility and will benefit from some of the core upgrades offered to games on the new console. It’ll be playable on the console the same day that the PlayStation 5 is released, Sucker Punch said.

The update on Ghost of Tsushima was shared by the developer shortly after PlayStation shared a bunch of details about the PlayStation 5’s backwards compatibility feature. For those who’ve been progressing through the game on the PlayStation 4 and don’t want to have to start over, you can bring your save file with you so you can pick up where you left off.

On the PlayStation 5, the game will also be compatible with the new console’s Game Boost feature that enhances games by improving frame rates and resolutions. In Ghost of Tsushima’s case, this means it’ll hit frame rates up to 60FPS and will have even quicker load times than it already does on the PlayStation 4.

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NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Improvements to Pro Stick, Passing and More Outlined

Visual Concepts has offered some in-depth details on what’s coming to the next-gen version of NBA 2K21, including improvements to shooting and dribbling with the Pro Stick, as well as changes to the Shot Meter, Shot Creators, 3-point line recognition, and passing.

Apparently, the Pro Stick will be taken to “even greater heights” for NBA 2K1 on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, with slow flicks of the analogue stick when shooting resulting in higher shot arcs and faster flicks of the Pro Stick keeping your shot flat. Bank shots and layups will also be easier to control, while the Shot Meter will benefit from being made more ‘readable’, no longer scaling by distance, and gaining an arrowhead for aiming and timing, so you can better see the ‘sweet spot’.

The Shot Meter window is blue and will grow or shrink depending on how good a shooter your chosen player is, as well as based on shot difficulty and how well you’re being defended. Layup timing on the shot button has also been nixed by default, so you can focus on taking it to the rim, with the game now better able to detect defensive threats and choose an open spot to lay up under the rim. Fewer ‘canned’ finish and contact animations will pull you to the wrong side of the hoop, too.

Off-dribble jump shots and signature moves for key players have been revamped, while placement behind the arc for a 3-pointer will feel “more grounded”. Size-up moves when dribbling will also have their speed dictated by fast and slow flicks of the Pro Stick, and signature dribble moves for players like LeBron James and James Harden have also been introduced. Bounce passes, Lead Pass mechanics, and pass accuracy will also be improved.

NBA 2K21 will be

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