NHL 21 Shows Off Improvements Made To Be A Pro Mode

EA Sports released new info and a trailer today showing off improvements made to the Be A Pro mode in NHL 21. Previously the mode had you go through what felt like the typical rise to stardom for a player in the game’s version of the NHL. This time around there’s a few changes to the experience that should make for a richer story. First and foremost, you’ll be thrown into a race for the Calder Cup, the main trophy for the AHL, which comes with an updated progression system and an array of salary perks. On top of that, you’ll be able to choose from 15 different player archetypes including forward, defenseman, and goalie. So rather than be cast into a very specific type of player, you can force your own destiny and career with a unique look, skating style, play style, and more.

What path will your career take in NHL 21? Courtesy of EA Sports.
What path will your career take in NHL 21? Courtesy of EA Sports.

Players can start their careers prior to the NHL Draft in either the CHL, Memorial Cup or Europe, as they pry their way up draft boards and aim to become one of the most sought-after players in the world. Draft position and draft status will have a direct impact on rookie year expectations, so be prepared to live up to the hype. New to Be A Pro, key moments will result in impactful conversations with media, teammates, coaches, general managers and more. Based on a player’s responses, their personality will start to grow, whether they want to trend towards a confident superstar or a quiet team player. Brand, management and likeability will all be affected based on conversations.

Probably one of the more interesting aspects of this is the Conversation System, where you will be defined by your choices and

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