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Olympiastadion on uusittu kauttaaltaan.
The renovation took into account the historical values and functionality of the building.

Image: Stadion-säätiö / Wellu Hämäläinen

The renovation of Helsinki’s Olympic Stadium, which included the addition of a multi-purpose extension and a new roof, has won the prestigious Finlandia Prize for Architecture.

The award often recognises the history and importance of older buildings in Finnish society, and last year’s winner was the modernist Serpentine House apartment complex, located in the Käpylä district of Helsinki.

Coincidentally, renowned Finnish architect Yrjö Lindegren was involved in the original design of both this year’s winner and last year’s. The 1938-constructed Olympic Stadium was designed by Lindegren and Toivo Jäntti, and was closed for four years while it underwent a major renovation, which was completed in August.

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Helsingin Olympiastadion uudistuksen jälkeen

The stadium’s capacity has been increased to 36,200.

Juha Kivioja / Yle

The Finlandia Prize winner this year was chosen by singer-songwriter and actress Paula Vesala.

“This national monument is not just a statue to look at,” Vesala was quoted as saying in a press release. “The action that takes place within its walls form those special moments of our lives: highlights, tenacious training sessions, disappointments, sweat, charm, victories and defeats. Efforts have been made to take into account the needs of a diverse group of users, but on the terms of the old building.”

Vesala added that she was most impressed by how the protection and repair work was carried out on the stadium, which respected the original spirit and appearance of the functionalist building.

“The magic of the Olympic Stadium has not only been preserved, it has gained more brilliance,” she said.

Olympic Stadium’s colourful history

The renovation was planned by two architectural firms, K2S and Architects NRT, with architects Kimmo Lintula of K2S and Kari Raimoranta

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