Line painting planned for next year as part of Oakmont’s pedestrian safety improvements

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An Oakmont pedestrian safety project, inspired by a traffic study and a borough Girl Scout, is planned for next year.

Borough officials earmarked $40,000 in the 2021 budget for line painting for crosswalks along Allegheny River Boulevard and Allegheny Avenue.

It is unclear how much painting could be done with that amount of money.

The decision to improve the crosswalks was done after reviewing a traffic study by Wooster and Associates of Pittsburgh and a report from resident Audrey Myers, a ninth-grader at Riverview High School.

“I think she inspired us to move forward on it, and she has given us a wonderful tool to work with,” Councilwoman Nancy Ride said. “We’re able to use it rather than doing our research with our own staff, and we thank her.”

Audrey examined about 120 intersections this past spring and noted the quality of the crosswalks and whether there were sidewalk ramps. Audrey also took photos of all of the intersections.

She submitted her data to the borough in March. Officials put that data into an interactive dashboard for Oakmont’s geographic information systems a few months later.

According to Audrey’s report, 53 of the intersections examined had crosswalks while 61 only had sidewalk ramps.

Out of those crosswalks, seven were listed in good condition, 20 in fair condition, 21 were poor and three earned mixed reviews.

Myers is a member of Girl Scout Troop 52359 in Oakmont and Boy Scout Troop 9143 in Monroeville.

Her efforts will go toward her Girl Scouts Silver Award.

The traffic study was released a few months ago. It included an analysis of traffic along Allegheny Avenue, Third Street and Cedar Way from Hulton

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Do I Actually Need A Painting Contractor

Regardless of how useful you could be with the ability tools, there will come a time when you will want to rent the services of a general contractor. A talented enterprise proprietor will hire people who do have strengths in areas the enterprise proprietor has weaknesses. The very best likelihood for success in the general contractor business is to achieve experience doing everything. Unfortunately, my experience has proven me that the majority construction contractors pay little attention to their system of accounting.

The most important downside to working with a bunch of specialty contractors is that you will be accountable for managing schedules and making certain that the rehab progresses in probably the most optimum fashion. Contractors are skilled to know what to look for. Guantee that the house flipping contract states something that will deal with any potential issues whereas the contractor is engaged on your house renovations.

Through strategic keyword usage and variation in blogs, contractors can build thought management while enhancing their Google rating – becoming visible to potential clients earlier than the competition. The fascinated firm can not merely request its own FCL, but have to be sponsored by the Government Contracting Exercise (GCA) or a major contractor.

In either case, you would most likely be higher off looking for one other normal contractor firm. Qualifications, credentials, and a very good monitor record of successfully completed jobs are vital of course, however it’s within the day-to-day building job that you will really see the price of your building contractor.

A professional demolition contractor often possesses their own tools and equipments and likewise manpower to carry out their jobs. One: Contractors have to provide at the least a one year warranty on materials and workmanship. The contractor also agrees to confirm that the subcontractor, buyer, individual and …

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Suggestions On Choosing A Painting Contractor

There are advantages and drawbacks to hiring a contractor to do a job versus doing it yourself. Do It Your self – Without the experience, a do it yourselfer is sure to take more time than a contractor to complete the same job. Such architectural work cannot be completed by normal contractors. 7. “If we paid general contractor and roofing contractor overhead and revenue costs for roof losses, we’d be improperly paying twice for overhead & profit prices”.

The most cost effective – but most time intensive for you – avenue for getting a rehab carried out is to hire what I name “freelance staff.” These are guys who may need some experience in some facets of rehab (they could even be basic contractors), however haven’t got sufficient expertise and expertise to trust them to complete even individual elements of a venture without management.

Contractor – A contractor not only has good contacts for supplies but in addition is buying labor at diminished costs too. From choosing the proper supplies to proper planning all the pieces can be dealt with by the experts in order that you’ll enjoy portray in your house.

The term “normal contractor” is used in two methods, in my expertise. A good contractor also needs to have the ability to manage sub-contractors equivalent to plumbers, electricians, and normal construction workers. If your state has a licensing board for contractors, this shall be your next step.

On the contrary, if it is surrounded by several other buildings, then it’s a difficult job for the demolition contractors to tear down their goal constructing. Since one of many benefits of contract work is the cash you can make, hiring managers are typically conscious that many people who choose to work on contracts accomplish that because of the monetary benefits.…

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A Day in the Life of Industrial Painting Contractors

Behind every successful construction project is a team of industrial painting contractors. They work in the background to coat building surfaces with paint until it is completed. Who are they, what do they do, and why are they providing critical services to many construction and engineering projects?

Specialties of Industrial Painting Contractors

Any construction project involving the application of coating systems would have painting contractors who are busy at any of the following activities:

1. Surface preparation. Careful surface reparation is often the key to coating systems that perform well and last longer. For new construction, surface preparation is much easier when the surface is bare, such as a slab of concrete. If a previous coating system has been installed, industrial painting contractors laboriously remove the existing coat. This is a skill that requires deep expertise and experience.

Often, industrial painting contractors wash the surface to clean it, and perform water-blasting with the use of high-pressure water jets. Dust, dirt and loose particles are removed from the surface, leaving it clean. Industrial painting contractors may also use abrasive surface preparation to clean the surface.

2. Paint selection. Prior to actual coating application, painting contractors determine the type of paint that will be used. The choices can run from water-based latex or acrylics, to oil-based systems. The correct paint has higher adhesion to the target surface, for durability and high performance.

3. Coating application. Industrial painting contractors may use a plethora of tools and methods to apply the paint to the surface. Brush and rollers are standard tools. In some cases, powder coating is used, which is a process that electrostatically applies dry paint particles unto grounded surfaces. When heat is applied the powder coating is cured permanently in place. Roll coating is also another method used by …

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Top 5 Attributes Professional Painting Contractors Should Have

Whenever you are hiring a painter to give your home a makeover, do not only think about the price, but also consider the other attributes painting contractors in Seattle should possess. While cost is certainly a determining factor, the following qualities should also be taken into consideration.

1. Time of operation – How long has your contractor been in the industry? How long has he been working in your area? If your painter has been moving around a lot, he may be running from some very angry customers. Reliable painting contractors in Seattle will show consistency.

2. Contract agreement – A well organized painter will hand you a detailed contract in which all the work he is going to do is outlined, as well as a starting date and date of completion. The agreement is well formulated and printed on letterhead. A handwritten note on a plain piece of paper is unacceptable – also for legal purposes, in case problems would arise.

3. Deposits – Painting contractors in Seattle who do not ask for a deposit for smaller projects show financial stability. Not giving your contractor any money up front will also guarantee that the work will be done. Your painter will not leave you stranded in the middle of the job.

4. Communication – Your painter should communicate with you often and clearly. He should ask if you are satisfied with the colors, the speed in which the job is being executed, and the quality of the work. By staying in touch, many problems can be eliminated.

5. References – It does not matter how many references painting contractors in Seattle have to show for, check them out. Do not hesitate to call the customers who are listed. It may also be smart to check the Better Business Bureau …

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