‘Avoid picking inept contractors for lift maintenance’

THE lackadaisical attitude of the Joint Management Body (JMB) and Management Corporation (MC) of residential highrises in appointing incompetent contractors for elevator maintenance is seen as one of the reasons for the never-ending lift breakdowns.

Malaysian Elevators and Escalators Association (Malea) president Franky Ho Kai Satt said this happened because the building management wanted to save costs without thinking about the residents’ safety.

“The building management should have appointed only certified contractors listed by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).

“There are building owners that appoint incompetent elevator maintenance firms or unregistered contractors just to save costs and even some maintenance is done just to meet the minimum requirements,” he said.

He also said that the maintenance and inspection on the safety level of elevators should be done periodically according to standards set by the authorities without any compromise to ensure the mechanical level of all elevators is in perfect condition at all times.

Ho said residents’ reluctance pay the maintenance fee is also a factor that contributed to poor maintenance of lifts.

Since there is no fund, elevator maintenance could not be done, he added.

Malea, in collaboration with DOSH, also organises technical training related to elevator maintenance.

Meanwhile, DOSH director-general Omar Mat Piah said elevator owners must ensure that the machines were safe and could be used at any time in accordance with Section 17 (1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994.

Failing which, he said, it would expose elevator users to the risk of accidents.

“All elevator maintenance work must be carried out by a person who is qualified, trained and registered with DOSH.

“It has to be a competent person (OYK) from a competent firm (FYK),” he added.

Omar said a thorough inspection of the physical condition and safety level of an

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