American Military Contractor Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Steal Government Equipment from U.S. Military Base in Afghanistan

An American military contractor pleaded guilty on October 13 to her role in a theft ring on a military installation in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Varita V. Quincy, 35, of Snellville, Georgia pleaded guilty before U.S. Magistrate Judge Douglas E. Miller to one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States and one count of making false official statements. Sentencing is set for February 23, 2021 before Judge Rebecca Beach Smith.

Quincy admitted that, between April 2015 and July 2015, she, Larry J. Green of Chesapeake, Virginia, and others conspired to steal, and did steal, equipment and property of value to the United States while working for a government contractor operating on Kandahar Airfield, in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Kandahar Airfield was used by U.S. military forces to support U.S. military missions throughout Afghanistan. 

Quincy was a supervisor in the office that issued security badges required for the movement of personnel and property on and off Kandahar Airfield. Quincy admitted that as part of the conspiracy, Green identified items of value to steal, such as vehicles, generators, refrigerators, and other equipment. Green negotiated the sale of those items with persons outside of the installation. Quincy then facilitated the thefts by creating false official documents, or instructing those she supervised to prepare such documents, to facilitate the entry of unknown and unvetted Afghan nationals and their vehicles on to the military installation to remove the stolen property.  Quincy shared in the profits from this scheme. The false documents she created, or directed others to create, were used to deceive security officers and gate guards and thereby compromised the security and safety of the military installation.

Quincy’s co-conspirator Green pleaded guilty on July 8, 2020, to one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States and commit theft of property of value to the United States

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Contractor pleads guilty in King County drainage district corruption case

A Renton contractor who conspired with the longtime commissioner of King County Drainage District 5 admitted to lying to the FBI and United States Attorneys.

SEATTLE — A Renton contractor entered a “guilty” plea in federal court on Wednesday, marking the first conviction in an alleged corruption case the KING 5 Investigators first reported on 17 months ago.

Darrell N. Winston, who ran a small company called City Biz, admitted he lied to FBI investigators and the United States Attorney’s Office on multiple occasions as they investigated the reported theft of hundreds of thousands of tax dollars by the longtime commissioner of King County Drainage District 5 in Enumclaw.

According to court documents, Winston created two separate invoices that he submitted to King County government in 2018 claiming that he performed maintenance work on parts of the 18 miles of storm drains that comprise Drainage District 18.

The invoices were approved by longtime Drainage District Commissioner Allan “Benny” Thomas, so the county paid Winston $53,754 for the trench work.

FBI investigators later determined Winston hadn’t done the work and he funneled most of the money back to commissioner Thomas and his wife, JoAnn.

2 Defendant hereby waives all objections to the form of the charging document. Defendant 3 further understands that, before entering any guilty plea, Defendant will be placed under 4 oath. Any statement given by Defendant under oath may be used by the United States in 5 a prosecution for perjury or false statement.

In the summer of 2019 Winston told the KING 5 Investigators he had done the work and the invoices were legitimate.

A few months later he told the FBI the same thing, but agents were able to determine that he deposited the money and took out large cashier’s checks that he

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