Superior Shield will keep silver polished for many months

About this time of the year I get many emails about polishing silver. I always ask if the silver is plated or if it is sterling, because it does make a difference. Polishing silver actually removes a small amount of the silver to reveal clean metal underneath.

Plated silver is not all created equal. Some décor pieces are lightly plated, and if you use polish too much, you will remove the silver plating. So always know what you are working with.

A safe cleaner is one that says “mild.” If you have silver plate, look for a cleaner that lists that specifically on the label. I like Wrights’s and Howard’s Silver Polish. Both of these products mention safe on silver plating. If you have sterling, you can use a stronger formula. But those smell so bad. If polishing silver is not your favorite job, let me remind you about Superior Shield.

Superior Shield was invented by Robert Diffendorf. He revolutionized the marine industry by inventing a superior coating for the teak on his boat. What is great is that you can also use that product on metal, like your silver décor pieces. Spraying those pieces with Superior Shield will keep them looking polished for many, many months.

We have a silver-plated piece that we polished at the store. On one side we sprayed it with Superior Shield. The other side we didn’t. In a couple of months, the unprotected side was tarnished. The side that was sprayed with Superior Shield still looked like it had just been polished. That protection lasted for several years.

But what about other uses? If you have a front door handle that you have to polish, protect it with Superior Shield. And older brass bed, trays and lanterns are all protected with a coat of

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