Person leaves poop in mailboxes with Trump signs in Maine

Three homes along Constitution Ave. in Hampden reported to police that a person had left what is likely animal poop in their mailboxes.

HAMPDEN, Maine — Thursday, Hampden Deputy Police Chief Scott Webber confirmed the person behind these actions was a female minor.

Webber said two of the three houses were repeated offenses. On the first day, there was poop in their mailboxes. The next day, their Trump signs were vandalized.

A Facebook post on Hampden Public Safety’s page with a picture of the minor has now been deleted. 

ORIGINAL: Hampden residents had poop left in their mailboxes, police say, prompting a call for the public’s assistance to help find a woman who may have information about the incident.

Police say three homes along Constitution Ave. reported that poop, likely from an animal, had been left in their mailboxes. A common trait linking all three homes: Trump campaign signs in the yards.

Officer Monic Christian of the Hampden Police Department tells NEWS CENTER Maine police would like to talk to the person who was seen in the area of Constitution Ave on Sunday and Monday where the incident took place. It is believed she may have information about the incident, which is currently under investigation.

Officer Christian said the incident could result in charges of harassment and trespassing, in addition to possible federal charges for interfering with mail services.

Anyone with information can call police at 207-862-4000.

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