How Prefabrication Is Helping the Hospitality Sector

Travelers expect great memories from their hotels and that involves the entire hotel experience, including the bathrooms. The design and functionality of the bathroom is a key factor in customer satisfaction, and thus it must be factored into the overall comfort and quality enjoyed in the hospitality industry, especially in the case of larger hotels or hotel chains, where large numbers of bathrooms must be constructed. Prefabricated bathrooms and other prefabricated elements, using prefabricated construction modeling, such as walls and floors, cater to this need efficiently and also proffer a cleaner, safer workplace, help reduce labor, materials, waste, cost, time and improve occupancy speed.

A favorite bathroom experience has been known to even attract customers and increase earnings. Driven by technological advancement, hotels now provide in-room Wi-Fi, advanced climate control and mirror televisions. To maintain a competitive edge, these facilities are sometimes offered in bathrooms too. Some of the bathroom features on show in luxury hotels include heated toilet seats, self-cleaning toilets, heated towel racks, directional water jets, water massage functions, dryers, deodorisers and entertainment sets.

Including these features in prefabricated bathrooms or bathroom pods for the hospitality sector is becoming popular popular in Western nations. Prefabrication or modular construction or a system known as Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA), with DfMA modeling and drawings, are being used for bathroom design and manufacture.

In the course of prefabrication in construction, bedrooms and bathrooms can be built off site, in a climate-controlled factory for the hospitality industry. When the modules are complete, they are transferred to the construction site, where the base and frame of the structure await. Typically, a crane then stacks the units in place. At this point, workers complete electrical, plumbing and HVAC system connections. This construction process is becoming increasingly favored by hotels because it significantly …

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