Mum who couldn’t find liners for her bathroom bin uses DOG POO bags & they’re saving her a packet in the process

TAKING the bins out is never a fun job but someone has to do it – and sort through the recycling too. 

One mum recently upgraded her bathroom bin, but couldn’t find a bag to fit in after browsing through a few shops, and she didn’t fancy tipping out the rubbish into the main bin. 

The mum decided to splash out on a new bin but couldn't find any bags which fitted it


The mum decided to splash out on a new bin but couldn’t find any bags which fitted itCredit: Facebook

But she had the bright idea of using dog poo bags instead, which she says fit the bin perfectly. 

She shared her tip to Facebook group Money Saving Hints, Tips and Ideas, claiming the switch has also saved her a fortune. 

She wrote: Bought a new caddy bin for my bathroom and cant find any bin bags small enough to fit. 

“I tried a doggy poo bag and it’s a perfect fit.. 

She decided to use dog poo bags - and claimed she's now saving a fortune on the staple


She decided to use dog poo bags – and claimed she’s now saving a fortune on the stapleCredit: Facebook

“You can buy a pack of 4 rolls for around £1.00 and a bargain too.”

Hundreds of people liked her idea, with some mums admitting they use nappy bags instead. 

One mum admitted: “Ha, that’s what I use.”

Fellow parents thanked her for the tip - with some admitting they use nappy bags


Fellow parents thanked her for the tip – with some admitting they use nappy bags

Another wrote: “Good idea thanks !!”

A third commented: “Doggy bags are great, some people also use nappy sacks as they smell nicer.

While this person added: “I do the same but use nappy bags. Cheap, smell nice and I only have to wash the bin once a week. Sorted!”

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Rio2 Designates Process Plant Construction and Civil Contractors for the Fenix Gold Project

Rio2 Designates Process Plant Construction and Civil Contractors for the Fenix
Gold Project

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rio2 Limited
(“Rio2” or “the Company”) (TSXV: RIO; OTCQX: RIOFF; BVL: RIO) today announces
that it has taken another key step towards the development of its Fenix Gold
Project (“the Project”) located in Chile by selecting the following lead

  * Process plant / site infrastructure construction contractor - HLC
    Ingeniería y Construcción (“HLC”)
  * Leach pad and civil design contractor - Anddes Asociados S.A.C.
  * Civil earthmoving and construction contractor - STRACON S.A. (“STRACON”) 

Together  with  Rio2,  the  companies   have  executed  an  early   contractor
involvement agreement (“ECI  Agreement”) for early  works associated with  the
process plant / site  infrastructure, leach pad and  project civil design  and
construction. Prior to  the signing of  this ECI Agreement,  the parties  have
been working exclusively over  the past few months  in close cooperation  with
Rio2 management  to  detail  all  project engineering  items  related  to  the
construction of the Fenix Gold  Mine. Detailed engineering activities for  the
construction of the  Fenix Gold Mine  are scheduled to  be completed in  early
November in preparation for project financing.

The scope of works for each contractor includes the following:

HLC - design and construction of  the primary crushing and stockpile  circuit,
ADR plant and  water facilities, lime  dosing and leach  pad pumping  circuit,
workshop, warehousing,  onsite offices  and  dining facilities,  onsite  power
generation and distribution.

ANDDES - engineering design for all civil earthworks, including access  roads,
water controls, infrastructure platforms, leach pad and ponds, waste dump  and
stockpiles. ANDDES will also provide site-based supervision of all civil works
including quality control and assurance.

STRACON - responsible for all earthmoving and associated activities, all  road
maintenance and construction, building  and infrastructure platforms, pad  and
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Design Your Bathroom Using a Six Step Process

Step 1 – The Study of Space:

Space – How much can I have? The next step is to find out more about the space that is available for this new bathroom. Is it restricted to the existing bathroom footprint? Can you remove the linen closet and use that space in a different way? Do you really use the whirlpool tub? Can you use an adjacent closet, a coat closet or part of the adjacent bedroom? Empty nesters may be very willing to give up a bedroom to make a new master bath. Master baths with all the amenities can take up a lot of space in a hurry. Look at all the options. Be creative and think outside the "box".

Now look at the room (s) available. Are there windows that will dictate the design? Is there a finished or unfinished basement below? Is there a crawl space below? How much access is there to the plumbing and electricity and HVAC? What is above? An attic, or a finished room? In a two story home, it is likely that the baths are stacked. Note this and start to think about the waste lines and supply lines (waste lines are by far more important and more difficult to re-configure). What walls do you think the waste lines are coming down? Are the walls thicker than the normal walls in the house?

Other questions to ask yourself are whether the existing configuration is a good one. Does it fit your new needs? Is it safe, efficient, attractive, comfortable, inviting? How much natural light is there?

[Tip: An easy way to get light into a bath with little or no natural light is by using a light tunnel. Velux Sun Tunnel skylight and SolaTube make easy ones to install and they work …

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6 Action Process on How to Design Your Bathroom

The bathroom is such a cozy place for us. In fact, it has been given the name 'restroom'. Isn't the name perfect! According to me perfectly alright! These days the bathrooms are designed with more meticulousness and people are ready to pay a big amount for it; and why not? One earns to spend the way one wants. Here is a six action process to help you design your 'Home Sweet Home':

Developing Ideas: Before we begin any process, we first of all jot down all the rough ideas that come to our mind. So, if we can get the best of the ideas for other things then why not for designing our bathroom also. So, what are you waiting for? Let us take a piece of paper and a pen to write all the unique and different ideas which rule your mind.

Online 3D Space Planning: Technology is a blessing. It has given us almost every material thing and can help us predict the things better in many ways. One of them is getting the things designed on the system with the help of some software and see how it would look like if finalized. We have software with 3-dimensional impact to plan the design of the bathroom. Space can this way be utilized well as bathroom is comparatively smaller than other rooms.

Researching the Electronic or Print Media: The Internet has become a great source to find out information on every topic. These days it is being used like never before. Everybody is fond of it for various reasons. We have the bathroom design ideas to search for. So, the next step is to make a thorough research on the internet or any other source like a magazine. This is crucial to know the latest trends in the …

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