The Property Brothers Reveal a Secret Feature We’ll All Wish Our Homes Had

“Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott are down to their final challenges in this season of “Brother vs. Brother,” which means it’s crunch time in this Los Angeles renovation battle.

In the latest episode, “The Mystery Judge,” the brothers fix up their guest bedrooms and bathrooms in hopes of impressing the guest judge, who eventually reveals himself to be Orlando Soria from “Build Me Up.”

Jonathan has set aside $400,000 for his bedrooms and bathrooms, while Drew has earmarked $440,000. Though these are big chunks of change, they may not be enough for the high-end designs these brothers are eyeing.

Read on to see how these brothers make their guest suites feel special, and steal some fun ideas you might want to try in your own homes, too.

A painted barrel ceiling can steal the show

This barrel ceiling is a win for Drew Scott.


In the kitchen and dining room challenge earlier this season, Drew refurbished a beautiful, hand-painted barrel ceiling. It was a big hit, so he decides to add another barrel ceiling to the hallway outside the guest bedrooms.

As it turns out, Drew is right to double down on this ceiling style. The round shape looks great, adding style and height to the hallway. To finish the look, he adds a painted mural on the ceiling and walls. The mural is subtle and classic with intricate floral details. It’s perfect for this old Hollywood home.

When Soria sees the feature, he loves it.

“This would make me want to buy the house,” he says.

A tub can go inside a shower

Drew got creative with this small bathroom so that he could have a shower and a tub.


Since Drew’s house is so huge, he adds many large, beautiful guest bedrooms and bathrooms,

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Indigenous land defenders walk contractor off McKenzie Meadows property

Contractors for Losani Homes and officers from the OPP provincial liaison team paid a short-lived visit to the McKenzie Meadows construction site in Caledonia Wednesday morning, just ahead of a court hearing into the disputed territory.

A lone worker in an orange safety vest was met at the entrance to the site by a dozen Indigenous land defenders, who have been occupying the site, which they have renamed 1492 Land Back Lane, since July 19.

The group walked the contractor off the property, telling him there would be no work done that day.

“You don’t get paid enough, bud,” one of the land defenders said while ushering the contractor off the property.

After a few minutes of discussion with Land Back Lane spokesperson Skyler Williams, the two police officers also drove away.

Williams said Wednesday’s visit, which officers texted him about last night, meant cancelling a scheduled appointment to present evidence to Superior Court ahead of Friday’s hearing in Cayuga, where Justice R. John Harper will review two injunctions related to the occupation.

“Instead of letting the (legal) process happen, we’re standing here on the side of the road,” Williams said.

This was the second attempt by contractors acting for the developers to locate a natural gas pipeline, as part of prep work for the planned 218-unit subdivision, only to be rebuffed by land defenders.

Police continue to arrest land defenders and their supporters for allegedly breaching the court order barring anyone not authorized by Foxgate Developments from being on the property.

“At some point there’s nobody left to stand on the land,” Williams said.

“And the OPP and the developers spiking this up on the doorstep of us being able to defend ourselves is absolutely ridiculous.”

Earlier this week, Indigenous land defenders blocked Argyle Street in Caledonia after police

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Wildfires Put Nearly 2 Million Homes At Extreme Risk Of Property Losses

Nearly 2 million homes with a reconstruction cost value of more than $638 billion are at an elevated risk of wildfire damage this year, according to a new report by data analytics provider CoreLogic.

This wildfire season is well on its way to setting a record for one of the most destructive years for wildfires in recent memory, and the pandemic is creating additional complications, according to the report, which provides insights into single-family and multifamily residential properties at risk of damage from wildfires in the United States.

The devastating wildfires raging across the Western United States have left homeowners facing the challenge of starting from scratch. With disruptions to the supply chain for raw materials, manufacturing and transportation, the resulting hit to reconstruction efforts could be further challenged.

There is no state that is completely free from wildfire risk, but CoreLogic’s wildfire data indicates that over the past two years, approximately 96.4% of the total acreage burned in the United States was in 13 fire-prone Western states, plus Alaska and Florida. These 15 states are the most susceptible and have an expectation of severe property losses due to wildfire.  

Alaska, due to its size and concentration of forested area, accounts for a large segment of total wildfire acreage each year. And Florida, even with higher levels of humidity and rainfall, tends to experience a relatively large share of wildfire activity.

As the nation’s population increases and residential development extends farther from metro areas, more homes and businesses will face the threat of wildfires. 

The Los Angeles metro area tops the list of metropolitan areas with the greatest single-family residences at wildfire risk, followed by the Riverside and San Diego metro areas. California

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Should You Make Invisible Improvements to Your Property?

When we discuss home improvements, we often look at upgrades that enhance curb appeal or other visual aspects of the home for potential buyers to fall in love with. But there are other ways to add value to your home that might not readily be seen, if at all. We call these “invisible home improvements,” and they can be a big hit with potential buyers.

Here are four invisible improvements real estate investors should consider for their properties.

1. Land grading

According to HomeLight, more than 75% of real estate agents say landscaping can command 1% to 10% more than homes without a well-manicured lawn. But land grading goes far beyond simple curb appeal. When a yard is graded correctly, it draws water away from the foundation of the home. This is vital in hurricane-prone regions and a must for those in flood zones.

Potential homebuyers will be very happy to have this already done for them, though this is not likely something that will mean higher offers. However, if there’s too much to be done to a yard to protect the home from water damage, buyers could simply walk away — to a home that requires less work to maintain it.


A home’s heating and cooling elements, known as the HVAC system, make for a comfortable living environment season after season. says at least 87% of homes use air conditioning to keep things temperate.

Is it time for you to upgrade to central air if you’ve got wall units? Not necessarily. As long as the units you have in place are energy-efficient and in good working order, buyers should be — quite literally — cool with it.

3. Alarm/security system

Add a house alarm or security system to the “nice-to-have” list for homebuyers — though don’t

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Clayton Property Maintenance Expands To Serve All Of Sunshine Coast And Caboolture Regions – Press Release

Clayton Property Maintenance Expands To Serve All Of Sunshine Coast And Caboolture Regions

Handyman needs throughout the Sunshine Coast are provided by the professionals at Clayton Property Maintenance. The professionals deliver solid and durable solutions for a wide variety of property-related issues.

Clayton Property Maintenance is pleased to announce that its service area now comprises all Sunshine Coast and Caboolture regions. The professional team works closely with clients to deliver reliable and long-lasting solutions for a wide range of issues. They offer many types of services for homes, businesses, or others, from painting to landscaping to full property renovations. The company has more than 15 years of experience working with private and corporate clients. The service is of high quality and can be customised for the needs of the client.

For customers along the Sunshine Coast, the company can handle a range of problems. These include preparing a home for sale, updating a home bathroom or kitchen, and for body corporate, regular maintenance, and one-off projects. The professionals work with body corporates to provide general handyman services, professional landscaping, installations, and high-quality yard maintenance.

Further details are available at

Hiring the property maintenance team at Clayton means that home and business owners get professional quality work on projects that might otherwise not get done or might be done incorrectly. The pressure of time is especially important when a home has been sold, and projects must be completed quickly in preparation for the closing and leaving the premises. Projects such as a fresh coat of paint, deep cleaning, and yard work take time and specialised equipment, which many clients don’t have.

We have over fifteen years’ experience working with corporate, private, and body corporate clients. We offer high quality, professional services that we can customise to the needs of your property. Maintenance of a property can require a lot of time and effort.

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