Spotless worker says coronavirus hotel quarantine contractors also took shifts at Alfred Health hospitals

A Spotless worker has described how contractors in COVID-19 ‘hot hotels’ were also working shifts at Melbourne’s Alfred Health hospitals, and cast doubt on the Government’s assertion the contractors were not working as security guards.

The employee, who spoke to the ABC on the condition of anonymity, said security staff were working at Alfred hospitals within days of shifts at the Novotel Hotel at South Wharf, which is housing people with coronavirus who cannot safely self-isolate.

He also said former bouncers with little experience were given jobs leading “security” teams in the quarantine facilities.

Spotless has been sub-contracted by Alfred Health to undertake “non-clinical” work at the hot hotels as an extension of its arrangement at the hospitals.

Both Spotless and Alfred Health insist the staff performing “floor monitoring roles” were not acting as security. The Government has said police officers, and not private security contractors, have been managing security at the hotels under the revamped program.

But the Spotless employee said: “Security was definitely working there — Spotless even recruited former pub and club bouncers who were out of work and didn’t have the required skill set to work in a hospital.

“One [staff member] at quarantine … didn’t know his way around a hospital let alone how it operates, in regard to infection control”.

Email, roster indicate workers moved between sites in August

Spotless has told the ABC it introduced a rule in late July requiring its staff to declare that they had not been working at any other facility within 14 days.

But in August, an email sent by a Spotless security supervisor — seen by the ABC — described two workers as coming back from the hotel program into “regular rostering”.

The Spotless employee told the ABC the two team members had been working in the

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