Rack Shelving Ideas Around the Home

The word “racks” does not conjure up a vision of exquisite home décor. If anything, most of us will probably think of an industrial setting filled with pallets. However, various forms of racking do have an important part to play around the home. To an extent, some have evolved as furniture for a mixture of practical use and aesthetic display. Modern baker’s racks are a good example of this.

Some types of rack shelving are totally new. This is particularly so as furniture manufacturers have sought to cater for modern trends. One such trend is with multimedia storage, and the introduction of CD’s and then DVD’s. CD storage racks had to be developed to meet the demand for storing CD’s instead of tapes and vinyl records. Then it was DVD storage racks that were needed. Most of the latest designs try to accommodate both types of media.

Elsewhere around the home, there are numerous uses that can be made of rack shelving. The kitchen is a prime example, where cleanliness and convenience are operative words in kitchen design. Those racking examples can take form as simple kitchen shelving, maybe with some ornate embellishments, and include modern chrome wire as well as the traditional wood.

It is behind the cabinet doors, out of view, that some of the modern developments in the kitchen have taken place. Here convenience of storage is paramount, as well as the ease of keeping clean. Sliding shelves under the countertops can be accompanied by various types of modern, versatile racking. The use of stainless steel and chrome wire in the kitchen does extend, with good effect, below the work surfaces. If your current kitchen cabinets irritate you inside, then a fresh look might open up some contemporary possibilities to help you get better organized.

Kids’ rooms …

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