5 Reasons To Book A Bath Staycation While Lockdown Rules Still Allow It


For the last decade or two, with increasingly reasonable air travel, brilliant house swaps and inventive boutique hotels to be booked at first swipe, Instagram inspo and some of the best city guides ferreting out secret sources of joy and relatively undiscovered charm, travelling the world has become a widely undertaken and easy rite of passage.

Sadly, the pandemic has brought much of the above to its knees. Long haul travel has quickly become frightening and, in many cases, off-limits. Even short stints across the channel come with fresh disadvantages, such as the chance that the government’s Covid-19 rules will change while you’re abroad, throwing your return (and potential quarantine period) into question.

Luckily, necessity is the master of all invention. And like a phoenix rising from the ashes of our habitual trip across the world, staycationing around the UK has become a lifeline for those who can’t live without a dose of escapism. We’ve sought out the best glamping sites in the UK for getting back to nature, explored which of the sea front coastal cottages are worth booking ASAP, for those short on time, just looking for a night away to be completely pampered, we’ve identified some of London’s most luxurious hotels, and for the few who actually can’t leave their houses at all, we’ve even brought you the means for virtual tourism.

As we reach a new juncture in the course of the pandemic – a second lockdown, with some cities in particular closing their borders for a time, to limit the spread – our choices have once again narrowed. But while a few continue to welcome guests, we’re looking at which of the UK’s historical hotspots are worth booking a trip to right away.

While Leicester, Manchester and some places in the Midlands look

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7 Reasons to Remodel Your Pool

Photo: Peek Pools and Spas

As the days shorten and slowly begin to cool down, you’re likely preparing to shut down your pool for the season. As you reflect on this summer, will you look back at joy and relaxation… or stress, frustration and disappointment at the condition of your pool or other water features, such as hot tubs or spas? If the latter is true, maybe it’s time to consider a remodel. And if you’re still wondering, take stock of these seven reasons why it may be time to remodel your pool.

Reason 1: Not Working Properly

It may sound obvious, but if your pool or hot tub isn’t working properly, it’s time to call in an expert. Beyond design and construction, Peek Pools also provides maintenance and repair services.

Reason 2: Leaks and Cracks

If you have leaks or cracks in your pool, it may be time to renovate. While some cracks are only surface and cosmetic, cracks can still impact your enjoyment. Other cracks may go deeper and cause leaks. Cracks may be the result of shifting soil or temperature change, both of which can occur over time.

Reason 3: Unsanitary Conditions

Unsanitary conditions can go beyond the chlorine levels. You may, for example, have unsanitary issues such as mosquitos in standing water or conditions that breed mold or mildew. Other unsanitary conditions may be found in the pool itself if you have poor water recirculation or a broken or inadequate filtration system.

Reason 4: Major Movement or Settling

Some subtle indicators that you may have settling or major movement in the ground underneath include the cracks previously mentioned. But other signs may be more obvious.

Hopefully, your earth movement isn’t this drastic!

geo pool movementIf you see a gap where the concrete and earth used to be flush,

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The Original Frameless Showers Doors Company Announces Reasons to Update Bathrooms

The Original Frameless Showers Doors Company Announces Reasons to Update Bathrooms

A local manufacturing company, The Original Frameless Shower Doors company, has recently announced to the public in Coral Springs why homeowners need to update their bathrooms.

Coral Spring, FL – The Original Frameless Shower Doors company lists the top three reasons homeowners choose to update their bathrooms.  The first reason is simply that the bathroom looks dated.  The fixtures look like something out of a 1974 bathroom.

The home is over 30 years old, the problem is probably the sliding shower doors inCoral Springs. The previous owners may not have been diligent about keeping the tracks clean.  A good reason to replace the sliding doors is to purchase frameless glass doors.

According to The Original Frameless Shower Doors company, the second reason homeowners choose to update their bathrooms is that the glass in their shower doors begins to look cloudy.  Despite repeated scrubbings, the doors are still not clear.

This happens because a regular shower door glass is porous.  Soap scum can get into the pores of the glass.  The Original Frameless Shower Doors company recommends that when homeowners shop for sliding tub doors in Coral Springs they check for a protectant called StayCLEAN.  Most homeowners don’t know about this protectant that keeps glass doors clean for years to come.

The Original Frameless Shower Doors company also notes that safety is an issue in an outdated bathroom.  The hardware holding the doors together may have worn out over time.  It is better to get clamps, hinges, and door handles that have been tested and retested at the factory.  Homeowners need to know it is safe to lean on the towel rack without it falling down.  They also need to know that the glass is a safety glass and won’t break. 

About The Original Frameless Shower Doors Company


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Home Renovation – 5 Reasons Why We Do It

For most individuals, owning their dream home is one of the greatest gifts in life. These homes provide not only shelter for their loved ones, but also represent a culmination of many years of sacrifice and hard work. Regrettably, even a dream home must cope with time and after awhile will not look appealing due to wear and tear. Whenever this takes place, it is time to think about home remodeling.

The following are five main reasons why people choose to remodel:

Preservation: Regardless of how good a house is constructed, it will be impacted by time and natural elements. During the first couple of years this isn’t a real problem, but as the years pass the house could gradually display signs of degradation which is certainly not a pretty sight for any owner. This is the reason why smart homeowners know very well to incorporate plans for Raleigh home renovation in their spending budgets every couple of years. Routine inspection and improvements must be carried out by any homeowner who would like to preserve the structure that they worked extremely hard to construct.

Value: Individuals who are proud of owning their dream house will not even consider selling. However, life is extremely unpredictable and just about anything could happen which might force them to sell. Whenever this occurs, the homeowner would want the highest price for their valuable possession. But this is not always achievable. Actually, many properties which get sold undergo some form of remodeling before purchasers ultimately make the decision to take them from the market.

To break monotony: In most cases, it is really difficult to select a theme or design for a house that you might need for the remainder of your lifetime. Green might be your beloved color, but this might change in the …

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5 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom or Kitchen Today

Remodeling can be a bit expensive, but there are times when the benefits will out-weigh the costs of the project. However, with the right advice, you won’t need to drain your bank account or go deeper into debt just to end up with the perfect kitchen or bathroom. Here are the top reasons why you would want to remodel these rooms today. Also included are some tips if you’re searching for a good kitchen or bathroom remodeling idea.

Increase the value of your home

Your home is most likely one of your biggest investments. Unfortunately, its value can decrease over time, especially if it’s not well maintained. However, simply maintaining your home will still not guarantee that its value will increase over time. One way to ensure that it will is to remodel some of the rooms, especially the bathroom and kitchen.

These two areas affect buying decisions. A well-executed kitchen remodeling project will result in a great looking kitchen that attracts buyers, especially women who love well-designed kitchens. This goes the same for bathrooms. Well-designed bathrooms are spacious and easily customizable to fit the desires of any homeowner.

Low Interest Rates

If you haven’t exactly saved up for a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, you might want to take advantage of the low interest rates. These won’t stay low forever, so check with your bank to find the perfect loan for a remodeling project.

Save on Energy

Some people don’t realize it, but energy costs can build up over time. Kitchen appliances, lighting, and other energy dependent devices use quite a lot of energy. Kitchen remodeling contractors know how to make these areas energy efficient. This can be accomplished by maximizing the use of natural light, using energy efficient light bulbs, and replacing old appliances with newer energy efficient …

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