4 Fresh Renovation Ideas We’re Stealing from the Newly Reimagined San Luis Creek Lodge

Designer Nina Freudenberger describes her first visit to the old San Luis Creek Lodge, located in downtown San Luis Obispo, California, as a step back in time—well, more of a leap. “There seemed to be a medieval theme,” she says, recalling the four-poster beds, gray stone fireplaces, and dark wood ceiling beams. “Everything felt so heavy.” 

Tasked by PRG Hospitality Group with redesigning the lobby and its three guest buildings, Freudenberger landed on a modern vision for the spaces that called for fresh wall treatments and major bathroom makeovers. Still, even amid all the new white paint, the designer didn’t lose the cozy lodge details. “I wanted to keep it warm, almost like a Danish farmhouse,” she says. All the inspiration you could possibly need for your very own reno is waiting in this newly reimagined getaway. 

Heavy Materials Can Be Cured With Paint

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Courtesy of San Luis Creek Lodge

Surprisingly, the designer decided to keep the stone fireplaces and ceiling beams (two features that looked like they belonged in a castle). To bring them into the 21st century, she painted virtually everything in Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White. “It was a really simple solution to what was happening,” she says of the budget-friendly choice. Before, the dark gray tones of the facade delineated it from the other elements in the room, but now it feels like it was always meant to be a part of the design.

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Photography by Jonny Valiant

“You don’t want to feel burdened by this idea of warmth,” the designer says of the former cabin-y aesthetic. “It shouldn’t feel physically heavy.” Handmade details, like geometric tiles crafted in Spain, exude that same sense of comfort.

Fine-Tune the Edges 

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Photography by Jonny Valiant

Freudenberger was strategic about introducing her accent color: black. “I

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