Marcella’s Clearance Center in Schenectady, planned for renovations, damaged in Tuesday fire; Owner responds

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SCHENECTADY — Not even three weeks after announcing plans to renovate his Crane Street appliance store, John D. Marcella is trying to figure out if the building is salvageable after a fire broke out there Tuesday morning.

The fire was called in at the 810 Crane St. building at around 8 a.m. Tuesday. The initial cause is believed to be water seeping into a light fixture, Marcella said.

The century-old building serves as a clearance outlet and a warehouse for the larger headquarters of Marcella’s Appliance Center down the hill on Broadway, as well as a smaller Clifton Park retail location.

In late September, Marcella’s announced it would renovate the façade and other parts of the Crane Street building. The Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority announced it would provide a $50,000 façade grant for the project, which it said would boost the ongoing city-county effort to revitalize the Crane Street corridor.

As a first step, Marcella said, he had the roof partly replaced over the last two weeks at a cost of more than $40,000.

The first employees arrived at the location around 7 a.m. Tuesday, he said. They smelled something odd inside but couldn’t track down its source.

The origin became very apparent an hour later, when flames erupted through the roof, Marcella said.

The workers escaped harm. The building did not. Firefighters got the blaze out in about an hour, officials said. One firefighter suffered minor injuries, officials said, but no other injuries were reported.

“What a mess,” Marcella sighed Tuesday afternoon. “I don’t believe it’s restorable right now. … All the walls are shot and all the electric is shot.”

Beyond that, 150 new appliances were damaged.

The engineering and architectural plans for parts of the project were completed

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Arlington Roofing Company, Priority Home Repair, Responds To Season Change Repair Needs – Press Release

Arlington Roofing Company, Priority Home Repair, Responds To Season Change Repair Needs

The Priority Home Repair company offers a menu of services that help to prepare houses for the upcoming winter season with its storms. The pros take care of roofing repairs and many handyman tasks with precision and skill.

Priority Home Repair is pleased to announce that they have the tools and skills to step in when the number and complexity of tasks associated with home maintenance become overwhelming. The Arlington roofing company will inspect and repair the building roof so that rain and wind do not make a minor leak worse. They can make repairs to eaves, gutters, and soffits as needed to stop leaks and further damage. The roofing project’s size and complexity don’t matter to the professionals; they complete projects of all types.

Another typical project that many homeowners don’t have the skills or equipment to handle is cleaning the windows on the exterior of the building. Multi-level structures require ladders or scaffolding, which is not typically part of the equipment owned by a homeowner. Accidents involving ladders falling or people falling from ladders are not uncommon. The professionals at Priority Home Repair have invested in the right equipment for each job, and always practice safe methods of using the equipment.

Further details are available at

Another type of handyman project for the house’s exterior is cleaning gutters and downspouts of the accumulation of leaves and debris that may be present. Touching up scuffs to paint and siding will have the house looking its best, regardless of the season. In many instances, hiring the work done means that the customer gets the benefit of the skills and experience of the team of professionals, without the need for investing in expensive and sometimes bulky equipment which is only used occasionally.

Winterizing the building may include checking for air

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Contractor responds to more complaints of unfinished pools

More complaints have come in about alleged fraudster Jarred Haymen who has left a trail of unfinished pools.

Global News have been contacted by new families that say they’ve had bad dealings with the pool contractor.

Sixty-two-year-old Terry Hnidy, who lives in Maple Ridge, was one of those affected.

Hnidy, who lives with multiple sclerosis, said she wanted a pool to help her exercise.

“I started to look for pool contractors on Facebook actually, Facebook marketplace, there I found an ad for pyramid pools,” Hnidy told Global News on Thursday.

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Hnidy said she hired Haymen and his company Pyramid Pools in May, to build her a small pool but she says after months of sweet talking the pool is still left unfinished.

“He has $26,000 (of mine). Essentially, all he did in my backyards was dig a hole, put some foam in it and did some inappropriately installed rebar.“

Global News was able to contact Jarred Hayman, he said he’s done nothing wrong but did say some of his jobs have been delayed.

“I’ve done like 30-40 pools. The only thing on my end is being overbooked and delays on the project,” said Haymen.

“(It’s) never me taking the money and disappearing. I tell people as I start the project, I can’t guarantee timelines.”

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Global News talked to the Better Business Bureau for advice on what to look for when hiring a contractor.

“As a starting point for consumers when you’re thinking about hiring a contractor, you need to do your research. We can’t stress it enough,” said Karla Laird, a Better Business

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