Is the Greeley Square Bathroom “America’s Best Restroom”?

Yes, it’s true, a bathroom in Greeley Square is in the running for “America’s Best Restroom.” In fact, this year, New York City has the honor of having two bathrooms in the final round of the Cintas competition: the one in Greeley Square just next to Herald Square and one at the JFK AirTrain station. Last year, a bathroom at LaGuardia Airport was one of the finalists. (It lost out to the Nashville Zoo in the end).

Aerial of Greeley Square bathroom

The Greeley Square bathroom is located in the park just off 6th Avenue and 32nd Street. It’s situated just behind the statue of Horace Greeley, the founder and editor the New-York Tribune. He is credited with the quote, “Go west young man, and grow up with the country,” which you can find lately on the pages of the U.S. passport. The hexagonal kiosk has a glass overhang, translucent glass ceiling and glass doors, offering a view into the Italian mosaic-tiled bathroom.

Italian mosaic tiles in bathroom

As fas as public restrooms go, the Greeley Square bathroom is a classy affair. Next to the sink, above the hand dryers are freshly cut flowers, accompanying the classical music playing over the speakers. A historic photo of Herald Square, showing the former Heralrd-Tribune headquarters (designed by Stanford White) and the elevated train line is incorporated on the wall. You’ll be at just the right temperature, because this little kiosk even has air conditioning and heat. The toilets self-flush and have automated seat-covers that change after each use. Already a handsome bathroom before, the latest renovation took place over a year and half from 2018 to 2019. The tiling was salvaged from the ceiling of the last bathroom.

Outside door looking into Greeley Square bathroom

There has been a movement towards more design-oriented public bathrooms in New York City in recent years. The Bryant Park bathrooms, located in a

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