Facebook Moderators Told to Return to Office Amid Pandemic

Facebook contractors tasked with sifting through some of the most heinous and traumatizing content on the internet faced a new hurdle this week when they were told to return to company offices to do their work in person as a pandemic runs rampant around them. Audio obtained by The Intercept suggests that their employer, Accenture, is downplaying the risk of indoor exposure to Covid-19.

When the United States began a patchwork national lockdown in March, Facebook contractors, paid a relatively low hourly wage with few of the generous perks afforded to the company’s full-time staffers, began to feel even more acutely dispensable to the $750 billion company. Beginning this week, as first reported by The Verge, these contractors must now resume working in the same facilities that Facebook’s full-time can safely avoid, having been told that they’ll be permitted to work from home through July 2021. “Based on guidance from health and government experts, as well as decisions drawn from our internal discussions about these matters, we are allowing employees to continue voluntarily working from home until July 2021,” a Facebook spokesperson explained to Business Insider.

Facebook has said that the contractors in question, who must wade through so-called priority zero content encompassing the worst of child sexual abuse and graphic violence, can’t safely do this work from home. Three Facebook moderators employed through Accenture who spoke to The Intercept on the condition of anonymity, because they are not permitted to speak with the press, expressed a profound worry that the company, and their ultimate bosses at Facebook HQ, are once again ignoring their safety in the name of keeping the social network running smoothly.

An October 2 virtual meeting, a recording of which was obtained by The Intercept, did little to lessen moderators’ dread over resuming indoor work at

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Young people return to their parents’ homes in the US due to COVID-19

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This story originally appeared on Alto Nivel

By Antonio Sandoval

For the first time in nine decades , young adults have returned to parental homes at a rate not seen since the Great Depression era of the 1930s , according to an analysis by the Pew Research Center with data from the United States Census Bureau.

The obvious cause was the loss of job or decrease in income that the pandemic brought with it. According to the source, at the end of July the total number of young adults who lived with one of their parents or with both grew to 26.6 million , which meant an increase of 2.6 million compared to February , just before the devastating impact of the pandemic in the world’s largest economy.

This measurement includes only young people between 18 and 29 years of age and, according to the figures, the phenomenon was highly concentrated in the segment of young people between 18 and 24 years of age, the age of greatest economic vulnerability in adulthood. In percentage terms, it means that 52 percent of young people in the analyzed age range , 18 to 29 years old, live with their parents, the highest rate since the Great Depression era.

In fact, the Pew Research Center indicates that this rate of 52 percent is already even higher than the 48 percent reported in 1940 during the end of the Great Depression and the entry of the United States into World War II, with no accurate figures. in the worst part of the economic crash of the 1930s, so the most recent measurement is in fact the largest ever observed in

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Red Flag Fire Warning Conditions Return; 293 Homes, 272 Commercial Buildings Destroyed; Chance Of Rain Next Weekend

ST. HELENA (CBS SF) — An intense air war was waged on the north edge of the Glass Fire burn zone Saturday, allowing weary firefighters to extend containment of the massive blaze burning in Sonoma and Napa counties to 15 percent before red flag fire conditions settled in for the night.


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Cal Fire Operations Chief Mark Bruton said during his Saturday night briefing that air support was playing a key role on the northern edge of the blaze burning in steep terrain toward Lake County.

“It’s really steep, heavy terrain, we have some control lines in there but we have a bit of a lack of resources to really work in that kind of terrain,” he said. “We used aircraft to really pound it today. We dropped a lot of retardant to help slow the advance of the fire.”

Meanwhile, weather forecasters were keeping on an eye on a front developing in the Pacific that could bring much needed showers to the San Francisco Bay Area next weekend. Of particular interest, National Weather Service forecasters said, were plumes of moisture spinning toward Northern California from Hurricane Marie.

“In general, in looking at trends would say that confidence is increasing for some type of precipitation by next weekend,” the weather service said. “Rain amounts all over the board based on if Marie gets ingested as well as where (the) cold front would move onshore. As usual would say the better chances would be North Bay and points northward at this time.”

But Bruton said the front will not likely bring the level of rain needed to end the fire season.

“We would need to see something like 4-6 inches (of rain) to change how dry these fuels and make it a game changer,” he said. “Is that a possibility?

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Over 2.5L kids in childcare homes to return to families

Adoptions on the rise locally during the pandemic [Video]

Adoptions on the rise locally during the pandemic

COVID-19 has turned life as we know it upside down. For some, family planning is delayed or deterred, but one local family says adoption is different, but not impossible.

Credit: WKBW Buffalo     Duration: 02:13Published

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What If My Contractor Does Not Return My Name

A Subcontractor is an individual or an organization employed by a normal or principal contractor to perform a selected activity as half of a big-scale venture. In all, having a Basic Contractor handle your mission can price you a further 10-30% on your rehab labor prices. For the general contractor, working with a dependable subcontractor implies finishing jobs as per requirements. The enterprise must be in good enterprise standing and neither the company nor key managers will be barred from collaborating in U.S. Authorities contracts.

Some shady contractors will earn cash by taking over extra jobs than they’ll handle. If you are planning to get inside portray for your home then it is best to just remember to solely hire a professional painting contractor. A demolition manager wants a number of kinds of specialist instruments and equipment to perform their job properly, and a talented demolition contractor should have the ability to competently function all of these obligatory equipments.

Each of these strategies has their very own drawbacks, however, the primary three (four) strategies described cause the most issues with the contractors accounting information and are methods that I extremely recommend that you simply avoid. If this describes your house, it’s undoubtedly time to name a portray contractor for removal.

You can name up a few of your friends and family and ask round for individuals who have had a good contractor do work on their homes. For example, for a roof repair contractor who deals with the repairing of roofs of composite shingles, repairing a roof of tiles or wooden shingles may be quite tough a process.

It is important to do your homework when you are making a call as essential as hiring a snow contractor. If the contractor you might be considering has an excellent observe record …

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