Wisconsin protesters terrorize residents by throwing rocks into homes after shooting decision

Demonstrators wreaked havoc on a suburban Wisconsin neighborhood late Wednesday, smashing the windows of homes, presumably rousing people from their beds, during the civil unrest that unfolded after prosecutors announced they would not charge a Black Wauwatosa police officer for fatally shooting a Black teenager outside a shopping mall in February.

Wauwatosa Police said they deployed tear gas at least twice late Wednesday into early Thursday after crowds failed to disperse in the suburb outside Milwaukee despite officers declaring an unlawful assembly multiple times. The department retweeted a video from Town Hall reporter Julio Rosas showing demonstrators smashing storefronts along Swan Boulevard and W. North Avenue.


Police had urged residents in the area to shelter in their homes, lock their doors and move away from their windows as a crowd of demonstrators swept the area, throwing large rocks at law enforcement.

Another video shared by Rosas and retweeted by the department appeared to show people throwing rocks and smashing the windows of houses during an unlawful assembly. Some in the crowd tried to stop others from targeting residents, and someone is heard shouting: “Hey, that’s somebody’s home!”

Police said they would support the National Guard and Mutual Aid to establish a protective perimeter around Wauwatosa City Hall.

“What started as a protest has become a large disturbance of public order that has caused property damage, and is threatening to cause injury to persons. The Wauwatosa Police has ordered dispersal, and has not obtained compliance,” Wauwatosa Police tweeted. “While not all members of the group intend harm, everyone must disperse immediately. Police are working to disperse this group.”

Wauwatosa Police and Mutual Aid officers also responded to multiple reckless vehicles on main roads in Wauwatosa. There were reports of high rates of

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Arrest made in shooting of Airbnb handyman who tried to break up party


A handyman was shot trying to break up an Airbnb party in the 1300 block of Broadway in Pendleton. (Photo: The Enquirer)

A Delhi Township man was arrested Wednesday in connection with the shooting of an Airbnb handyman last month who was trying to break up a party.

Bryon Prather, 46, is charged with felonious assault.

Police have not said if Prather was actually the man who shot handyman Stephen Knight on August 16. Court documents state Prather was a “primary aggressor” in a group of 10 to 12 people who attacked Knight.

Airbnb has been attempted to crack down on unauthorized parties, which are against its policies designed to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Local Airbnb hosts have reported incidents of property destruction and even violence related to parties, and even Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac has said that these parties are likely happening because bars are closing early.

Isaac urged the city to lift the 10 p.m. last call after he said several shootings occurred at these unauthorized and unregulated parties.

The Aug. 16 party took place in Pendleton Airbnb rented by Jeron Prather, the nephew of mayoral candidate Kelli Prather.

Police said Knight came to break up the party, but was backed into a wall, punched and beaten.

“Knight fired a single shot from his .380 pistol into the wall in an attempt to stop the assault, but was then shot in the back by one of his attackers,” court documents state.

Jeron and Kelli Prather both say that it was Knight who was the aggressor.

 “The party was not rowdy,” Kelli Prather said. “If Stephen thought there was a problem he should have brought the police. He came and put a gun to my family members.”

Jeron Prather acknowledges that the party – for his

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