Shoe Storage Ideas – Small-Space Shoe Storage Solutions

Let’s face it—revamping your shoe storage isn’t nearly as exciting as overhauling the pantry. Restacking your spices is an instantly gratifying, Instagram-worthy project, but the shoes you hide in the back of your closet just don’t seem as pressing.

In my case, I have a run-of-the-mill shoe rack that often stands partially barren, because of course, I leave my shoes everywhere but their specific place. I haven’t addressed the issue, either, because it’s always been just functional enough to ignore. I’m upgrading to a bigger closet though, and I’m officially in the market for a new solution.

So, unless you’re a cast member on the Real Housewives with a color-coded walk-in closet, your shoes probably don’t get the space and attention they deserve. Below, we’ve rounded up storage options from the classic to the unconventional. Bonus: They look cool, too.

Go for a Classic Shoe Rack

Hello, old reliable friend. A standard, staple item of so many homes, but this one is elevated, because you can use it as a shelf, entryway table, or side table, too.

Photo by James Ransom

2. Opt for an Expandable, Adaptable Shoe Rack

How is it that no matter how many shoes one has—be it a paired-down group of basics or a full-on seasonal rotation—they never seem to fit on the rack you have. Good news: this one expands to accommodate your ever-growing collection, if you’re hosting guests, or need extra room to store bulkier winter shoes.

Photo by Rocky Luten

3. Repurposed Rolling Cart

Who doesn’t love a good rolling cart? Craft supplies, bar mixings… shoes? Totally. Imagine how much easier it will be to simply roll them on out. Genius.

4. Clip Boots to

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