Park improvements coming to Legion Lake, Brigance Park, possible splash pad in the works | Chickasaw Journal

Legion Lake Park on Dulaney Street is slated for some improvements in 2021 after the Mississippi Legislature appropriated $150,000 for park upgrades. The appropriation request was made by the Chickasaw Development Foundation (CDF) during the 2020 session.

CDF director, Sean Johnson, added the park improvements to the request after Houston won a $25,000 grant from the Levitt Foundation to hold a ten-week concert series at the park.

“We made a couple of requests for quality of life improvement projects during the last session. We requested $250,000 to refurbish the old theater downtown into a public arts space, and $150,000 for upgrading the park. Legislators Jon Lancaster and Ben Suber were able to shepherd the request through the various committees and were able to get us the money for the park,” says Johnson.

“We’ll try again for some other projects (including the theater) next year, but, considering the COVID situation and the flag situation and all that the legislature was having to deal with this year, I’m very happy that we received needed help with one of our projects. We hope to work closely with the legislature in getting state investment in Houston in the coming term.”

The improvements at the park, which features an approximately five-acre lake, will include a walking track around the lake, including a new “fishing” bridge over the east bay, solar lighting and some RV hook ups as well as trash receptacles, graded parking and other improvements. According to Johnson, the RV hook ups were a good selling point to the project due to the park’s proximity to the nearby Tanglefoot Trail.

“Our hope is to start on this project in early 2021 and have the space completed in time for the Summer Concert Series, which was postponed this year due to COVID, but is slated

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These 9 Homes With Indoor Pools Make a Splash No Matter the Weather

Fall is officially here, and outdoor pool season is winding down for large swaths of the country.

With public pools closed in most of the country this summer, folks were desperate for any sort of aquatic relief. Interest in above-ground pools, plunge pools, and stock tank pools all spiked as homeowners sought to beat the heat in their own backyard.

But for a select few, swimming pool season is year-round—and it never means having to dip a toe outside the confines of the house. For homeowners lucky enough to possess an indoor pool, practicing laps or simply dog paddling in the shallow end can take place any time of year.

And your own personal natatorium can be a reality! We’ve found nine homes with indoor pools for sale right now—so we invite you to wade on in.

Of course, this amenity doesn’t come cheap. Most of the homes we spotted come with price tags over a million bucks. For buyers with the cash to splash out, these homes present an intriguing opportunity. For those on a smaller budget, use these nine examples as inspiration for your own chlorine-soaked fantasies.

Price: $2,000,000
Making a splash in South Carolina: Marketed as “one of Greenville’s finest homes,” this five-bedroom mansion has a classic exterior. However, we’re more interested in the glorious pool. Located in a structure with skylights and abundant windows, the pool is bathed in natural light. After you’re done taking a dip, you can warm up in the hot tub or sun yourself in the adjacent courtyard area.

Greenville, SC
Greenville, SC



Price: $740,000
Rocking retro vibes: Colorado’s already experienced its first winter snow, and it’s not even November. So an indoor pool in the Rocky Mountain State is the perfect hedge against frosty climes. This amoeba-shaped pool is attached to

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