Bathroom Storage Solutions

The humble rest room could be a household’s non-public retreat space. If you want to upgrade your lavatory on a shoestring budget with out compromising on high quality and elegance, or for those who need a timelessly chic look that provides a heat relaxed feel, then it is advisable to take the shabby chic type into your lavatory.

Whether you design clothes, kitchens, loos, furnishings, interiors spaces, or architectural constructions, it is all the same; now you can give explicit visible expressions to your concepts and create detailed drawings or sketches inside short intervals of time, on the click of a few buttons.

Up to date loos are designed keeping in thoughts the current speedy needs of life. These could be within the form of vessel sinks or in a extra conventional type of sink with a modern vanity or cabinet. White was a highly regarded choice during that point in toilet designs.

Wallpaper with delicate features or trailing patterns will give the shabby chic bathroom a stylishly modern twist. For example: To centre a fitting in a bathe recess you will need to take into consideration the thickness of the wall board, tile glue and tile so the becoming shall be centred after the tiles are in place.

As a result of a large portion of interior construction and re-mode projects involve kitchens and bathrooms, I discover that I require software program that can create beautiful 2D and 3D flooring plans, and photograph-reasonable 3D pictures that enable my clients to have a clear view of their tasks rapidly and simply.…

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7 ways to add stylish storage to your space

The best bathroom shelving ideas add both style and function to your space Whether you’re working with a tiny powder room or an expansive master bath, shelving is a great way to add storage, corral beauty products, and display décor. Sure, a plain old shelf above the toilet is a great start, but we’re loving these ultra-stylish, yet still oh-so-handy, bathroom shelf ideas. Time to get organized.

Looking for more bathroom ideas? Check out our dedicated page for more tips and inspiration. 

1. Utilize vertical space

For even the tiniest bathrooms, hang high shelving for a smart storage solution. Since it may be out of everyday reach, we love how this design uses the extra wall space to display décor (how cool is the antique train sign?), plants, and extra toiletries. Even a few rolled up towels add to the spa-atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Little Savage Life’s Vikki puts more accessible items on floating shelves around eye level, and hanging from hooks attached to the wall and overhead shelving. Of course, there’s some extra greenery for good measure. When in doubt, Command Wall Hooks are a great way to add storage without commitment. A renter’s dream. 

2. Add rustic style with your bathroom shelving ideas

A reclaimed wood floating shelf is the perfect complement to your farmhouse bathroom’s shiplap wall. They can also help create a rustic mood on a plain white wall or anyplace else!

If you’re feeling handy, you can DIY floating shelves for about $20. All you need are stock boards found at your home improvement store, a drill, screws, and wood glue. You will need to cut your pieces of board to length, so if you don’t have a saw at home, be sure to ask an associate at your hardware store to do it for you. 


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The 10 Best Food Storage Containers for Every Kitchen’s Needs, According to Reviews

Whether you’re committed to meal prepping every week or simply trying to organize your fridge, investing in quality food storage containers will make things a whole lot easier. Not only will they help keep your food fresh, but they can also save you time and make your kitchen look much neater.

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for food storage containers is the material they’re made out of. While glass food storage containers are super versatile (many are oven-safe), plastic options are typically more lightweight, which makes them easy to stash in your bag during your commute. While some people still prefer glass over plastic to avoid chemicals leaching into food, it’s also important to note that all of the plastic containers on this list are BPA-free.

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Since there are so many different types of food storage containers available on the market, we scoured the internet to find the ones that are actually worth buying. From space-saving plastic canisters that will instantly organize your pantry to leakproof containers with over 8,200 five-star reviews, there’s an option for you on this list.

These are the best food storage containers to buy in 2020, according to thousands of customer reviews:

Best Glass: Pyrex Simply Store Meal Prep Glass Food Storage Containers

With an average 4.8-star rating from over 5,650 Amazon shoppers, these versatile glass containers from Pyrex are a household staple for plenty of reasons. Between the near-perfect reviews and the wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, you really can’t go wrong no matter which of the many options you purchase. This particular set comes with nine different glass containers ranging from one- to seven-cup capacities, and they’re safe to put in the

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How to solve your kitchen storage dilemmas

THE STORAGE ISSUE that comes up the most in Irish kitchens? “It’s the cluttered worktop,” says kitchen designer Marie Browne. “If you did a spot check on practically any kitchen, you’re going to find a cluttered worktop.”

Our kitchens work so hard – they’re cooking, eating, entertaining and living space all wrapped into one – that it’s very easy for those little bits and bobs to build up over time. And clutter has a significant impact on our use of the kitchen, says Marie. “People don’t realise how much it affects the way they cook.”

But here’s the good news: Improving the design of your kitchen can help you minimise mess, without adding any extra space.  

We asked Marie, a designer with Cash & Carry Kitchens, to share her professional design tips for solving the clutter conundrum – and the rest of our most frequent kitchen storage dilemmas too.  

1. First, do a stock take

The first step on the road to storage heaven, says Marie, is to know exactly what you have. “I think the first thing is to educate yourself on what you’re storing,” she says. “Some people reading this might never have emptied all their presses. Go into the kitchen, set two hours aside, take everything out of your presses. They probably need cleaning anyway!”

Chances are, there will be some things you just don’t need – and once you can see it, you can deal with it. “Throw out all your expired food, your repeat containers, your tupperware without lids… just get rid of it. You’re not going to use it.”

Then, think about what you actually want to store. Be ruthless. “Know what actually has to go back in,” says Marie. “It can be chaotic when you’ve been somewhere for years. Things just build up.”

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5 clever kitchen storage ideas to clear clutter

a stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen: Storage is a huge deal in the kitchen, where space is usually scarce. Make room in the heart of your home by trying these stylish kitchen storage solutions.

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Storage is a huge deal in the kitchen, where space is usually scarce. Make room in the heart of your home by trying these stylish kitchen storage solutions.

If there’s one thing you can’t have enough of in a kitchen, it’s places to pack things away out of sight – and these smart solutions that will save you space in spades. From open shelving to hidden storage in the island bench, here are five functional and stylish ways to maximise your storage space in the kitchen.

1. deep drawers

Cupboards will always have their place in the kitchen, but what’s becoming more and more popular are below-bench drawers. They’re brilliant for storing heavy and bulky pots and for housing appliances too.

Imagine the ease of loading a dishwasher without leaning over, or the convenience of having a freezer drawer at your fingertips. Deep drawers are best for pots, plastic storage containers, and tall pantry items like cereal boxes. Medium-height drawers are good for stacks of plates and bowls, and skinny drawers are perfect for cutlery, utensils and chopping boards.

2. go vertical

The beauty of this kitchen is all in its simplicity, but what’s really great is the use of vertical storage. The suspended shelf in this space-challenged kitchen is genius and a simple solution for freeing up bench space. It’s a good idea to keep purely decorative ornaments higher and items you use regularly, like wineglasses and teacups, within easy reach, when styling your open shelves.

3. fine design

Storage can be treated as a design focus. Use a ladder to add pots and pans storage above the island bench and open shelves for your favourite dinnerware like in this modern rustic Sydney home.

4. ply on the wall

When choosing materials

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