Ten tranquil bathrooms with dark and soothing interiors

A charred-wood washroom and a monolithic, concrete bathtub feature in this roundup of 10 zen bathrooms that swap traditional white walls for dark, moody hues and tactile materials.

a large tub next to a window: Dark bathroom inside Bathroom of Untitled House, UK, by Szczepaniak Astridge

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Dark bathroom inside Bathroom of Untitled House, UK, by Szczepaniak Astridge

a glass shower door: Dark bathroom inside Untitled House, UK, by Szczepaniak Astridge

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Dark bathroom inside Untitled House, UK, by Szczepaniak Astridge

Untitled House, UK, by Szczepaniak Astridge

Smooth, dark, concrete characterises the walls and monolithic bathtub of this bathroom, which Szczepaniak Astridge designed as part of a house renovation in Camberwell, London.

The bath is screened by stainless steel Crittal windows that enclose a void through the home and is teamed with a bespoke, polished stone sink. According to the studio, the aim was to design a “place to retreat to, to guiltlessly linger and hang out”.

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a sink a mirror and a window: Dark bathroom inside Pioneer Square Loft, USA, by Plum Design and Corey Kingston

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Dark bathroom inside Pioneer Square Loft, USA, by Plum Design and Corey Kingston

Pioneer Square Loft, USA, by Plum Design and Corey Kingston

A washroom, shower, toilet and sauna are all enclosed in the dark, tactile boxes that wrap around the central open-plan living area of this apartment in Seattle, Washington.

Accessed through frosted glass doors, the bathroom facilities have walls and ceilings lined with blackened wood, charred using the traditional Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban, while the floors are covered with dark cement tiles.

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a room with a sink and a window: Dark bathroom inside Villa Molli, Italy, by Lorenzo Guzzini

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Dark bathroom inside Villa Molli, Italy, by Lorenzo Guzzini

Villa Molli, Italy, by Lorenzo Guzzini

A palette of serpentine stone, concrete and smokey, natural lime plaster gives rise to the atmospheric interiors of this bathroom in Villa Molli, a dwelling overlooking Lake Como in Sala Comacina.

It forms part of one of the house’s large bedrooms, in an effort

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Lou Holtz: Improvements in COVID testing made it possible for Big Ten to play in 2020

This is a rush transcript from “The Story with Martha MacCallum” September 16, 2020. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

MACCALLUM: All right, everybody, so tonight, we’re 48 days from the presidential election and now six months into the coronavirus. There’s a pitched battle over money for relief, vaccines and the divide over masks. The riots that have embroiled cities across this nation during racial strife and job loss due to the lockdown have now cost the country more than a billion dollars in those broken windows and buildings that we have seen burned over the course of the last few months, and that’s far from over. 

The country is fighting though to get back to normal as we await vaccines. 
The Big Ten announced today that they will reverse their earlier decision and they will play football after all at their colleges. Still, when asked if you would “roll things back if we had a spike”, the former Vice President Joe Biden answered “absolutely,” adding this today.


JOE BIDEN (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump.


MACCALLUM: So on all of this news tonight, we’re glad to bring in Vice President Mike Pence who joins us from Muskingum County Fairgrounds in Zanesville, Ohio. Welcome, vice president, good to have you with us tonight. Got an enthusiastic crowd behind you.

MIKE PENCE, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We do. Great day here in Ohio, Martha. It’s good to be with you tonight. Thank you.

MACCALLUM: All right, hopefully we’ll be able to hear your answers. So if we could start with this, today the president came out and said this about a vaccine, and when it will be

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The Top Ten Tips for Home Upgrades

Are you planning on doing some upgrades to your current home or a home you just purchased? Here are ten tips and tricks to improve the chances you’ll be delighted when you move back in.

Resale. Even if you’re planning to stay in the home, think of the next owner. Making sure your upgrades add resale value will give you all the options. Think kitchen upgrades, opening up spaces, adding a deck, installing hardwood floors, and upgrading windows.

Planning. Spend plenty of time planning what you want. Go to IKEA to look at storage options and spaces and go online to Houzz to look at ideas. Get your planner or contractor to show you exactly what the upgrades will look like in 3D. You don’t want to get to the end of the work and say, “Ah, I wish I had… “

Contractor. Pick carefully and get three bids. Talk to their clients and tour their work. Ask for their insurance certificate.

Contract. Get a detailed contract and go through it with a fine-tooth comb. A general idea of the work and a handshake won’t do it unless you don’t care what you end up with.

Plan for a few surprises. Surprises are inevitable, but they should be minimal if you did your planning. Set some extra money aside for them – 10% of your remodel budget. If you don’t need to use it, great.

Don’t buy your own materials. If you think you’re going to save money by specifying and buying your own materials, you may be sorry. Contractors don’t like the practice, and they are better at choosing and negotiating than homeowners. Don’t worry; they will allow you to make all the choices but let them handle the transactions and the warranty.

Pack up as much of …

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Bathroom Design and Renovation Tips – Our Top Ten Tips for Economy Bathroom Installation Works

Bathroom Design and Installation tips

Hi I am a bathroom "expert" and have run a company for 20 years specializing in the design, supply and installation of bathrooms in Edinburgh and the Lothians area.

Throughout this period the company has been a member of the Federation of Master Builders organization.

We are often asked to provide decent quality, hard wearing and attractively finished bathrooms for "buy to let" clients, young families and first time home buyers on a limited budget. If you follow our top ten tips below, there is no reason why you cannot achieve similar results for budgets of less than 3000 pounds.

Our Top Ten Tips for an Economy Bathroom Design and Installation project

1) Don't be overly ambitious with your bathroom design: – The new bath / shower / wc / basin should be positioned almost exactly where the old units were positioned: – remember that professional labor costs account for at least 70% of an economy bathroom re-fit and running new drainage and water supply pipe-work is time consuming and involves extra material costs

2) Before you spend any money on tiles and fittings, hire an all-trades professional fitting team: – There are no savings to be made in flooding out your downstairs neighbor through botched DIY or through cash in hand and "fly by night" cowboys : – If your carefully selected and vetted professional outfit does have an unlikely but potentially expensive accident, then the company insurance (check this out before hiring them) will cover the costs involved: – Pre selection will also allow you to involve the experts in the design and vital material / fittings selection process

3) Negotiate a fixed price with your contractor: – On a labor only basis, and at this time (outwith the London area) it is …

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