10 Tips and ideas to decorate your abode with Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design is all about simplicity, functionality and minimalism. Rooms should have a cosy and warm vibe along with an elegant look. So, here’s how can you turn your abode into a Scandinavian home.

Adorning your house with a Scandinavian design is about showing minimalism, functionality and simplicity. This decoration style got generally popular during the 20th century, and now-a-days, it is highly in trend for home décor.

As it’s already mentioned, this home décor theme is all about simplicity, so minimalists would love to opt for this style. They want to keep everything simple and like functionality in home décor items. So, they can definitely decorate their abode with this. Hence, here are some tips for it.

Here’s how to decorate your abode with Scandinavian design:

1.When it comes to buying furniture for this particular design, mid-century modern furniture is the right one. It is simple with clean lines and natural shades which showcase the choice of a minimalist. So, mid-century furniture is perfect for the Scandinavian home.

2.Scandinavian home is all about the warm and cosy vibe. So, create that environment with all warm textiles of wool or mohair. This is specifically perfect for a Scandinavian living room where you will impress your guests and make them feel comfortable with the cosy vibe.


3.You have to choose simple accents for your rooms to incorporate the Scandinavian look. For example, you can bring an elegant ceramic vase for the living room to use as an accent. And for the couch pillows opt for geometric prints.

4.Scandinavian design style allows you to incorporate both wooden and metallic finishes. For instance, you can opt for a wooden coffee table and chairs along with copper scones and brass pendants for it.

5.Bring some indoor flower plants for your Scandinavian house as fresh

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3 Tips to Decorate Your Kitchen on a Budget

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Los Angeles, CA ( TS Newswire ) — 30 Sep 2020

Over time, you may get tired of the same, old look of your kitchen. You should know that decorating your kitchen doesn’t need a lot of spending. With a modest budget, these 3 simple ideas will freshen up your kitchen space in a heartbeat.

Why Should You Decorate Your Kitchen?

There are several advantages to decorating your kitchen, namely:

  • Kitchen decoration projects take less time and effort than renovation projects.
  • A newly decorated kitchen is a cheaper way to give your home a fresh look.
  • Decorated kitchens inspire and invigorate the home cook, which means more delicious meals.

3 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen on a Budget

If you want to keep expenses at a minimum, consider these 3 budget-friendly ways to decorate your kitchen:

Use Ceiling Tiles

If you’re tired of looking up at that old, boring ceiling, then try redesigning your ceiling with ceiling tiles. This budget-friendly home decor solution comes in a variety of styles and patterns, such as modern and vintage designs, plain or patterned finishes. Some ceiling tiles, such as the styrofoam tiles, can also be painted to the colour of your choice, so you can customize the look of your kitchen even further. You can also consider using a 3D wall panel to further elevate the kitchen design.

Apply Finishing on Your Cabinets

Applying stain and finish to your cabinets will give your kitchen a fresh look. Cabinet finishes accent the natural look of wood and also protect your cabinet materials.

You can also go with cabinet stains.They bring out the intrinsic beauty of your wood. If you want a lighter look

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6 Bathroom flooring tips and ideas to revamp the area

When it comes to bathroom decoration, then the floors also are an important part. If you are doing changes in the bathroom area, then don’t forget the floors of it. They should be matched well with the entire bathroom décor. And when it comes to bathroom flooring, then there are numerous options available.

Different types of tiles are there for you to opt for. Each of them is used to give a different vibe to the space. It’s needless to say when you are doing something extra with the bathroom floors, then the entire space gets enhanced overall. So, here are some bathroom flooring tips and ideas to spruce up your bathroom area.

Bathroom flooring tips and ideas.

1.If you want a cosy surrounding in your bathroom, then opt for wood floor tile to give the look of a wooden floor. If you want to have a bathtub on it, then go for white colour. Overall, there will be a welcoming vibe.

a room with a sink and a window

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2.Mix tile shapes to create a different form. For example, you can try the hexagonal floor tile to create the angular shape, if your window has the same shape.

3.If you like to be bold, then you can do that even with your traditional bathroom. For example, you can opt for the sunburst pattern tiles to showcase your bold style.

4.Simple square tiles are always up for the decoration as well. You can go with a simple symmetrical pattern or handmade ceramic tiles to give a hand-touched feeling. Otherwise, you can simply go for natural stones to have a natural look.

5.If you have a larger space in your bathroom, then go for graphic tiles to get a monochrome bathroom.

6.Penny tiles have a great visual impact in your bathroom. So, you can take

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Chefs are parents, too. Here are their tips if your kitchen is now a makeshift school cafeteria

Yahya Noor from East Boston’s Tawakal Halal Café has seven kids — four of whom started virtual class last week — so he knows what he’s talking about.

“Think about it like going to school all day, where you don’t have the option to just go to the cafeteria,” he says. Instead, he packs Tupperware containers of lunches and snacks the night before for easy distribution at set times so his kids don’t get distracted. A favorite? Basmati rice with wild-caught salmon from Market Basket (his go-to grocery store), mozzarella cheese sticks, and grapes.

Yahya Noor of Tawakal Halal Café.
Yahya Noor of Tawakal Halal Café.Handout

Get creative at breakfast

If your kid eats on the fly, use breakfast as the main meal. Valentine Howell from Krasi in the Back Bay has an 11-year-old daughter with an “eclectic” palate and a remote curriculum in Roslindale. He fashions breakfast “sushi” with a banana rolled in Greek yogurt or peanut butter, then rolled again in her favorite cereal (she likes Fruity Pebbles; your mileage may vary). He then slices it into bite-sized pieces. “It looks like fun kid’s sushi, it gets them to eat yogurt, and they often want to make it themselves,” he says.

Shop the sales

Heather Costa from Back Bay’s Revolution Health Kitchen, also at Time Out Market Boston, stocks up on organic products at Aldi. “Salsa, spices, pastas — they have a ton of organic products that are so much cheaper,” she says. (One favorite: Kite Hill vegan cream cheese.) She stores food for her remote Somerville third-grader in a Kitsure 30-ounce stainless steel Thermos, which is larger than other brands and comes with a folding spoon.

Rice is nice

Tom Fosnot from Lincoln’s Real has three kids enrolled in remote learning. His secret? Cooking a big batch of rice on the weekend

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6 Tips to turn your bathroom into a home spa

Do you love to get a spa treatment? Then bring it to your home by changing the bathroom décor and turning it into a home spa. Your bathroom can give you the ultimate spa vibe in your abode with certain changes in decoration. This will also provide the bathroom with an aesthetic look to make you feel comfortable.

Having plants, mirror, dimmed lights, etc. will help you to get the look for your bathroom. So, if you are thinking to change your small bathroom into a spa, here are some ideas to do it.

Tips and ideas to turn your bathroom into a spa:

1.First, add a touch of golden colour to feel luxurious. Handles, knobs, taps, etc. can also be opted in golden colours.

2.Now put a few tiers of open-shelves on your walls and fill the spaces with basket for towels, beauty products and a few bottles of aromatherapy oils.

a large tub next to a window

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3.Plants play a major role in making any space refreshing. So, when you are turning your bathroom into a spa, then plants are a must-have. Get some succulents or air plants for this look. They are easy to take care of.

4.Candles are important for creating the spa bathroom. So, put some candles but be minimalist with them. You can also opt for scented candles.

5.Now warm up the floor with some luxurious rug to get the ultimate spa-like feeling.

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