Real estate agents adapt with new tools to sell homes

Ryan Levenson, Guest columnist
Published 7:00 a.m. ET Oct. 13, 2020


In March 2020, real estate agents sat on the edge of their seat as a pandemic seemingly crushed our industry.

Very few people would have guessed that only six months later we would experience one of the most severe housing shortages our country has seen in decades.

A home shortage creates a great market for people selling their homes, but it poses a variety of challenges for buyers — across many different price points. But here we stand, working to keep up with demand. Homes stay on the market for days, if not hours.

Real estate agents have always been resourceful, but our tools and skills are taking on new meaning in this environment in which distance is part of our new normal.

What we’ve experienced is unlike anything we could have dreamed. Homebuyers are feeling pressure to make decisions quickly, and many are making an offer without ever seeing the home in person. The experience is leading them to ask smarter questions, and they are demanding the expertise of real estate agents to simplify the process.

Across the country, how regulations are enacted in our industry vary greatly. Here in Knoxville, showings just after the pandemic were permitted, but many people were not interested in allowing buyers into their homes. Open Houses were also suspended for a couple months, causing real estate professionals to lean more on technology and media to show homes to buyers in the market. This all led to an increase in demand for most real estate agents as sellers turned to us to help navigate a more fast-paced sales environment.

Prior to this pandemic, helping a customer purchase a home

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Girls with Power Tools remodeling company gives homes, communities a facelift

Ruth Haller was on her hands and knees, crawling as she pulled the heavy-duty construction material up from the floor of the home she is remodeling in Barrio Logan.

“As you can see, it’s not glamorous,” she said of the work.

The teacher-turned-renovator now runs a home-remodeling company called Girls with Power Tools with her friend, Pamela Macias.

The pair have been working on the South 26th Street home for more than a month. They plan to finish next week and place the 1930s Craftsman up for sale.

The work is not all for profit.

The Girls with Power Tools proprietors plan to use 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the home to purchase laptop computers for students in the neighborhood or in other parts of San Diego. They are also considering purchasing wireless internet cards for needy families.

Haller will dedicate another 10 percent to Guitars in the Classroom, a Mission Valley nonprofit that trains educators on using music to enhance education.

Haller said it feels wonderful to give back to the community where she started her teaching career, and where she feels at home. She spent nearly nine years at Emerson-Bandini Elementary, which is less than two miles from the house on South 26th Street. Later she transferred to Webster Elementary.

“I love coming back to the neighborhood I started in … being here … it just feels good to go down the street every day and see everything that I love about being Mexican,” Haller said.

Macias and Haller started their home-renovation company earlier this year, after flipping four other properties independently.

Macias was a Realtor and eviction agent before she began helping clients with distressed properties by renovating the homes.

With the pandemic in full swing, and a temporary ban on evictions, there

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10 Ideas And Tools To Organize The Kitchen

It happens at times that you look around your familiar kitchen and get the feeling that you simply wish to make some changes however you aren’t positive what. Bang for the Buck – Despite the fact that new kitchen cabinets might be one of many more expensive transform projects in a house, the greenback-for-dollar value added to the value of the house makes it price it in the end. Call it Victorian, call it bungalow allure, regardless of the architectural fashion you are going for even trendy, to my mind, every kitchen needs a leaded glass door front on a handful of their cupboards.

Here are some kitchen transform ideas. A modern bathroom sink may be mounted on to the wall, freestanding, or on or in a conceit or cupboard. These magazines will be filled with all kinds of free transforming ideas which you can it you need to use in your next mission.

Kitchen designers may also help you whether you want a kitchen reworking venture, a kitchen makeover, or both. A kitchen remodel should reflect the house’s model. Nonetheless, our plumber steered putting in a plinth radiator to utilise spare area under a kitchen base unit; which might release space on the wall the place we wanted to put the brand new back door.

Whereas it is tempting to get started as quickly as attainable once you determine to remodel, it’s higher to catch your breath, do your homework and think by means of your plans because you do not have the time or cash to make mistakes. What a fun and artistic method to spruce up your kitchen partitions.

I hate glass block walls however, stroll in showers are straightforward care and lend themselves to our busy lives. Whether you’ve acquired an enormous funds or a small …

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Common Bathroom Remodeling Tools You May Need

Do you have any thoughts to begin a bathroom remodeling project soon? If that is the case, do you have all of the things that you will require? When it comes to bathroom remodeling or any other home improvement project, a lot of individuals involuntarily think of the materials that will be required.

If you are considering changing your bathtub, certainly, you will require a replacement bathtub, but if you do not have the tools there wouldn't be any ways you can install that bathtub. That is why it is vital to have in mind what are the tools that you will require before beginning your subsequent bathroom remodeling project.

When it comes to tools, you will discover that the tools required is totally dependent on the kind of remodeling that is going to be carried out. For example, if you have plans remodeling your whole bathroom, you will probably require more tools than you would if you were merely changing your bathroom cabinets.

Despite the fact that various kinds of bathroom remodeling projects often call for various kinds of tools, you will discover that a number tools can be used on just about any kinds of bathroom remodeling projects. It may be a great idea to keep these tools, which are mentioned below, on hand constantly.

One of the numerous tools that you will like to have on hand, when remodeling your bathroom, is a pair of pliers. Pliers are one of those tools that you might require to use on a usual basis, not just for a bathroom remodeling project. Thus, there is a high possibility that you already own a pair of pliers in your home or have it on your tool belt.

It is also recommended that you have a tape measure on hand, when getting …

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Give Your Home an Exotic Appearance With the Best Design Tools

Home renovation and remodeling is always a tough task as there are lots of areas which are to be considered. Whether you are going to remodel your living room or kitchen or bathroom, all these areas are to be paid attention separately. But, for carrying on the remodeling perfectly, it is always necessary to take help of professionals. The professionals will guide you with necessary designing ideas that you could make your home gorgeous.

Visualizer tools help to choose the design

For having an innovative design for your house, there are various tools for designing are needed to be looked into. Among these tools, kitchen and bathroom visualizers have become extremely famous.

Virtual kitchen designer: To give the kitchen a gorgeous and exotic look, proper installation of countertops, sinks, cabinets, etc is a must. Hence, you need to select the best visualizer for the kitchen.

Special visualizers for the bathroom: Besides, making a kitchen attractive, we can never deny giving our bathroom an exotic look too. There are also certain things which are needed to be considered before installing them in the bathroom such as countertops', backsplashes, vanities etc.

Visualizers for countertop edge: Once you select the countertops for the kitchen and bathroom, you need to choose the design for the countertop's edge. With design tools, you will be able to select the best edge design for the countertops.

Backsplash design

For the kitchen and bathroom, an outstanding appearance, you will surely need backsplash designs. Here you can have a look at the various types of backsplash designs.

Arabescato Carrara 1×1 Honed and Keystone Blend Interlocking Pattern: This backsplash design is available in white shade.

Arabescato Carrara Herringbone Pattern and 4×4 Honed and Beveled Tile: Normally this tile is also available in white shade

Arabescato Carrara Marble And Black Blend …

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