Topeka business leaders back Docking building renovation – Business – The Topeka Capital-Journal

The Greater Topeka Partnership, which includes Downtown Topeka, Inc. and the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, are in support of renovating of the Docking Building, the state said at a committee hearing Wednesday.

DeAngela Burns-Wallace, Secretary of Administration, said she has been in talks with local business leaders, who are now in full support for the renovation.

Curtis Sneden, president of the Chamber of Commerce, confirmed such.

“We are supportive of a plan that will return the Docking State Office Building to its proper place as an important facet of downtown,” he said.

The Docking State Office Building, a 62-year-old 12-story high-rise adjacent to the Capitol, had long been neglected and plagued with issues. Former Gov. Sam Brownback had pushed to tear down the building, which was ultimately rejected.

Now, the next state legislature will be considering four proposed options in renovating the building. The one path the state administration backs is a complete renovation of the entire building in addition to implementing a Kansas Department of Health and Environment lab.

The other options are without the lab, or stripping everything but the first three floors and adding three floors with or without the lab. Renovation could cost up to around $154,556,000, per estimates.

Burns-Wallace told legislators that the administration’s hope is to have the building house one or two of the bigger state agencies, along with KDHE.

She also brought up the possibility of having some conference space, which could be divided into smaller rooms or simply serve as a large hall.

Whatever proposal lawmakers approve, the Partnership will support, said Sneden.

“While we are not wedded to any particular outcome, some of what we’ve seen is exciting, because it would be new types of activities on that corner,” he said. “Maybe it would be a type of outdoor

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Plumber: Bathroom sconce lights go high-tech – News – The Topeka Capital-Journal

Q: Dear Ed: In the past I read one of your articles on modern medicine cabinets for the bathroom. I’m thinking of remodeling my bathroom and would like to know if there are any modern features available for bathroom lighting in general.

— Kim, Massachusetts

A: On top of modern options available with new medicine cabinets, bathroom sconce lights have now gone high-tech as well.

Many wall-mounted sconces not only brighten up a bathroom, they can also be used for mood lighting when you install a dimmer switch. Sconces that use dimmable LED lights are becoming very popular.

There are a few more recent options for sconce lights that you might want to check out. These include specially chosen materials for damp environments, the ability to mount the sconce horizontally or vertically to personalize the look you want in your bathroom, and finishes that can even match your showerheads and faucets.

Q: Dear Ed: We’re planning to remove our existing bathtub to install a walk-in shower stall. Since it’s a full remodel, what high-tech plumbing item should we include to be future-ready?

— Fred, Washington state

A: Along with trendy hand showers and showerheads, don’t forget about the shower mixing valve. Many homeowners overlook upgrading this item when planning a shower stall.

One new upgrade for a shower valve is to go high-tech with a digital shower mixing valve. These sleek push button electronic control valves offer easy-to-read LCD displays with multi-zone install options. Water-saving features are also included on many of these valves. A second digital control can be even added outside the shower stall to start and set the water temperature before you step into the stall.

So if

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