The truth about Tim Taylor’s Home Improvement clothes

When he’s not teaching audiences how to spruce up their home on Tool Time in a button-down shirt, dress pants, and tie, Tim Taylor lounges around at home in less formal threads. During the portions of Home Improvement, where he’s spending time at home or working in his yard, sweatshirts and t-shirts are more his speed. At first glance, a detail like this isn’t worth thinking about, since it’s so common for people to dress more comfortably at home. However, the clothes themselves share one characteristic with an interesting story behind them — they all include some mention of Michigan-based universities or sports teams.

According to Collider, the decision to keep Taylor’s outerwear consistent came from Tim Allen himself, who wanted to represent his home state (he was born in Denver, Colorado, but moved to Birmingham, Michigan, when he was 13) on the national television series. While that was the original reason, later on, it became apparent that the comedian worked the creative decision in his favor, since he could just bring clothes from his personal wardrobe to wear during filming. Once fans caught on to this trend, Allen’s closet began to expand as many Michigan colleges sent him stuff to wear on Home Improvement as a method of getting their name out there.

At the end of the day, Tim Allen’s adjustment to his on-screen persona went a long way in fleshing the character out as a true average Joe. Not to mention, it provided nearly a decade worth of advertising for some of Michigan’s finest higher education offerings.

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The grim truth behind Britain’s stately homes

(CNN) — Grand buildings replete with turrets, picture windows and kitchen gardens. Perfectly manicured lawns. And hundreds of rooms stuffed with antiques and objet d’arts from across the globe.

Few things are as quintessentially English as a stately home. Tourists love them. And they’re a guaranteed box office draw, as “Downton Abbey” and “Pride and Prejudice” can attest.

But there’s a more disturbing side.

Many of these country estates are indelibly linked to brutal legacies of slavery and colonialism. And while their grim origins may have been previously overlooked, they’re now facing a new level of scrutiny that — amid raging debates over how Britain reckons with its imperial past — has exploded into its own cultural conflict.

Published this month, the report identifies 93 places, roughly one third of all of its properties, that it says were built, benefited from or connected to the spoils of slavery and colonialism.

They include Chartwell, Winston Churchill’s former home in the southeastern county of Kent, Devon’s spectacular Lundy Island, where convicts were used as unpaid labor and Speke Hall, near Liverpool, whose owner, Richard Watt traded rum made by slaves and purchased a slave ship in 1793 that trafficked slaves from Africa to Jamaica.

Some 29 properties were found to have benefited from compensation after owning slaves was abolished in Great Britain in 1837, including Hare Hill in Cheshire, where the owners, the Hibbert family, received the equivalent of £7 million ($8.8 million) to make up for the loss of slaves.

“At a time when there’s an enormous interest around colonialism more broadly and indeed slavery more specifically, it felt very appropriate, given that we care for so many of these places of historical interest, to commission a report that looks right across them and try to assess the extent of those

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The Truth About Remodeling

The Truth About Remodeling

Remodeling is one of the most stressful journeys that one can undertake. Remodeling requires an investment of both time and financial resources. Nevertheless, each year, millions of people want and need to improve their homes. Often, selling their home and moving is just not time or cost-effective. Remodeling IS the answer. However; you do not want to become a victim of a “remodeling nightmare.” You’ve heard time and again from friends and relatives, “Expect a nightmare. It will cost twice as much and take three times as long.” It does not need to be that way!

You can fill the void experienced by Orange County homeowners who can’t find an honest, reliable remodeling expert.

After 28 years in the remodeling business, I’ve seen it all! Here are the secrets to a successful remodel:

Secret #1: Have A Plan

Would you go off on a long expensive vacation without first planning your trip and taking along a road map? Of course not! To do so would be a disaster. Your trip would be full of unwelcome surprises and expensive changes. Remodeling is the same way. I’ve always said “anything carefully planned, properly executed, will be a success.” A great remodeling partner helps you figure out what you want BEFORE you start by putting it down on paper and in the drawings. Professional designing with attention to the details will ensure that your project is on time, on budget, and beautiful!

Secret #2: Don’t Start Until You Have Everything

Picture this – your contractor demolishes the bathroom (maybe the only one you have in the home). Three weeks later you’re still trying to get him back. His answer to you (when you finally manage to get him on his cell phone) is that the bath tub was delivered …

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