Small bathroom storage ideas | CNN Underscored

The bathroom is one of the most purely functional rooms in the home, but for many people, their bathroom doesn’t function well at all — especially if it’s very small. If you’re struggling to make a small bathroom work for you, or if you’ve got space but no built-in storage features like drawers, cabinets or an under-sink area, these tips and product recommendations from professional organizers can help you get the bathroom of your dreams…or at least close to it!

“As always, the number one suggestions for living in small spaces of all sorts is to get rid of everything you no longer need, use, want or love,” Ann Lightfoot, a professional organizer and co-founder of Done and Done Home, says. She notes that nothing should be stored in a bathroom that won’t be used this year, and takes a hard line with her clients when it comes to casting off things that are taking up valuable space. “The minute someone finds themselves saying, ‘Yeah, but…it’s really good, it was expensive, I might use it…’ they’re going wrong,” she says.

When eliminating items, Lightfoot looks for what she calls “space hogs” — especially things like hairstyling tools that haven’t been used in years but that were expensive and therefore can be hard to part with. “The question to ask yourself is what do I want more, a functioning bathroom today or a chance that I’ll curl my hair in the unknown future?” she says.

Both Lightfoot and Nonnahs Driskill, a professional organizer and founder of Get Organized Already, say the most common mistake people make when setting up their small bathroom is not utilizing vertical space. Driskill also encourages people with limited bathroom space to “break with traditional rules about what goes in the bathroom. Store bathroom items you don’t

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