No. 17 LSU Football Shows Major Improvements on Both Sides of the Ball in Week Two Win

The Tigers found their groove on defense and offense against the Commodores. The game proved that both sides of the football are steadily improving.

After a disappointing opening game, No. 17 LSU (1-1) really played well against Vanderbilt. Better effort, more energy, and definitely a higher level of focus showed for both the offense and defense. The Tigers were led by one of their best players.

Derek Stingley, Secondary, Lead the Way

Anytime you hold an opponent’s quarterback to 11 for 25 passing and 113 yards, the secondary did its job. More importantly, it’s how and when the LSU secondary did it’s job.

With Stingley not giving up a single reception, it allowed the other Tigers to concentrate on just their job. Vanderbilt did challenge Stingley, as the preseason All-American broke up a pass in the end zone and was stuck to his man like glue for most of the evening. His teammates followed suit.

There were much better angles being taken by the defensive backs, and it showed. This was especially true during the first drive by Vanderbilt.

A quick screen left saw a host of Tigers sprint towards the football and drop the wide receiver for a loss. That blown up screen pass set the tone for the evening. That energy, that drive to dominate, it showed up for the purple and gold secondary.

Perhaps one of the reasons LSU started playing really well stemmed from playing more cover one (man defense) during the second half. LSU mixed up its coverages in the first half and Vanderbilt did run the football well. LSU allowed 107-yards rushing during the first half. The second half went LSU’s way.

With LSU manning up on the outside during the second half, the safeties and linebackers really keyed the run. That helped LSU

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Rockford area again under Frost Advisory overnight, but major improvements loom this week

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – It goes without saying that we’ve been mired in quite a cool stretch of weather the past several days, and the coldest temperatures of the entire stretch are likely still ahead of us tonight. But there’s good news on the horizon, and plenty of it. Improvements get underway as early as Monday, with a return to more seasonable conditions likely.

text, logo: Our first Frost Advisory of the season is in effect.

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Our first Frost Advisory of the season is in effect.

Before we get there, though, another frosty night is ahead of us Sunday. For the second time in four nights, a Frost Advisory is in effect for the Stateline. This time, though, the advisory encompasses the entire area, not just a portion of it. Clear skies and light winds will allow for temperatures to fall to between 30° and 35°. Protective measures should be taken with any tender vegetation which may succumb to the cold temperatures.

a close up of a sign: For the second time in less than a week, our area's been placed under a frost advisory.

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For the second time in less than a week, our area’s been placed under a frost advisory.

While wind won’t be much of a factor overnight, there may be just enough to send wind chills a few degrees cooler than the air temperature. As it stands now, we’ll likely have wind chills in the 30s by as early as 10:30 this evening.

a close up of a wire fence: By as early as 10:30 this evening, wind chills will have likely fallen into the 30s areawide.

© Provided by Rockford WIFR-LD
By as early as 10:30 this evening, wind chills will have likely fallen into the 30s areawide.

By the time our workweek and school week begin Monday Morning, it’ll be even more frigid, with wind chills in the 20s as the day commences.

a sign hanging from a wire: As we prepare to head to work or school Monday Morning, we'll do so with wind chills in the 20s!

© Provided by Rockford WIFR-LD
As we prepare to head to work or school Monday Morning, we’ll do so with wind chills in the 20s!

Abundant, if not unlimited sunshine

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Sales of single-family homes recorded in Sonoma County for the week of Sept. 23

One hundred and thirty eight single-family homes sold in Sonoma County during the week of Sept. 23 ranging in price from $180,255 to $2.7 million.

Earning the highest price for the seller this week was 122 Waters Edge Close in The Sea Ranch which sold for $2,650,000 on Aug. 28. This three bedroom, three bathroom, 2,197 square foot home featured modern high-end finishes and million dollar views.

See what homes are selling for near you.

Bodega Bay

999 Seaeagle Loop, $1,390,000

887 Seaeagle Loop, $1,875,000


3908 Mountain Home Ranch Road, $715,000


11 Rose Court, $294,000

1183 Highland Ranch Road, $525,000

101 Wallace Lane, $611,000

314 Elbridge Ave., $689,000

31301 Highway 128, $765,000

506 Venezia Way, $810,000


11059 Terrace Drive, $460,000

8141 Grape Ave., $558,000


14180 Lovers Lane, $425,000


229 Prune Tree Drive, $322,000

124 Paul Wittke Drive, $700,000

248 Albert Court, $995,000

373 Parkland Farms Blvd., $1,010,000

371 Bridle Path, $2,550,000

Monte Rio

20369 Highway 116, $545,000

19616 Redwood Drive, $775,000


237 Goodwin Ave., $875,000


427 Broadway St., $281,000

9 Arlington Drive, $555,000

350 Stuart Drive, $585,000

19 Burlington Drive, $665,000

2102 Willow Drive, $681,000

1501 Weaverly Drive, $690,000

445 Sutter St., $735,000

1758 Tessa Way, $805,000

1822 Mariposa Drive, $890,000

1696 Southview Drive, $949,000

711 Newcastle Court, $950,000

75 Queens Lane, $1,055,000

222 Simon Drive, $1,100,000

727 Cindy Lane, $1,100,000

105 Eighth St., $1,365,000

Rohnert Park

6060 Country Club Drive, $210,000

5323 Eunice St., $270,000

7542 Burton Ave., $287,500

4599 Heath Circle, $357,500

6075 Donna Court, $400,000

584 Anson Ave., $468,000

824 Liana Court, $636,000

5270 Country Club Drive, $687,500

1200 Hagemann Lane, $720,000

4516 Fairway Drive, $736,000

210 Fig Court, $805,000

Santa Rosa

1577 Brush Creek Road, $200,000

9 Meadowgreen Court, $430,000

3615 Princeton Drive, $440,909

937 Kingwood St., $462,500


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London’s most magical and eccentric house reopens to the public this week

In the basement kitchen of Sir John Soane’s Museum in Lincoln’s Inn Fields – which reopens this week – there’s a mummified whippet half stuck into a bread roll. It’s not an insight into the domestic catering arrangements of one of England’s greatest architects. It’s part of a show called ‘Degrees of Truth’ by artist duo Langlands & Bell. Their works are scattered throughout the house, which now has a one-way system in place. The exhibition closed along with the museum back in March. Langlands & Bell found the grisly dried-out pooch on a stall in Brick Lane market and incorporated it into their work. You sort of picture the dog alive and in the house, snoozing in front of the range. Then you realise that this connection is momentary – the dog and the house have interacted for the first and only time in their respective histories.

Sir John Soane's Museum
Photograph: Chris Waywell

Sir John Soane’s London house makes time work like this. It’s full of dead things. I mean, full. The architect, who was responsible for the Bank of England, Dulwich Picture Gallery, Pitzhanger Manor and many other significant commissions, made his own home a strange and delirious living museum of the dead, with a ‘sepulchral chamber’ in the cellar containing a sarcophagus, statues of the dead, paintings of ruins. It’s not remotely morbid, or gloomy or gothic. It’s an artful balance of light and shade, colour and blackness: a dreamspace. 

Sir John Soane’s Museum
Photograph: Chris Waywell

Actually, Langlands & Bell are a weirdly good fit for Sir John Soane’s Museum. Their preoccupations – how spaces and buildings both reflect and define the individual, how power structures and physical structures overlap, how history and the future exist in the present – chime with many of Soane’s ideas: an avant-garde architect in thrall to

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LSU Football Quarterback Myles Brennan “Motivated” to Show Improvements After Week One Loss

The critiques on Myles Brennan and his first performance as a starter for LSU were varied. While the Tigers’ quarterback looked uncomfortable at times in the pocket and missed a few receivers down field, coach Ed Orgeron saw many positives in the performance as well. 

Brennan threw for 345 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions in the loss to the Bulldogs. On the surface those numbers aren’t bad but what the program and it’s fans have come to expect from the quarterback position has changed drastically in the last year.

When meeting with SEC media reporters on Wednesday, Orgeron said that Brennan flashed his immense potential against the Bulldogs and now it’s about getting that consistency on the right track.

“Myles made some big plays, he made some big throws down the field, scored 27 on offense,” Orgeron said. “But there are some things he can get better at. We’re just used to seeing elite at that position and we want him to become elite. He’s working towards that.”

Brennan has handled himself well in the week of practice since the program’s first loss in nearly two years. Center Liam Shanahan told reporters on Tuesday that Brennan came into Monday’s weight lifting session locked in and feels he’s ready to take that next step.

“We got our lift in on Monday morning and I could tell he’s ready to kind of bounce back,” Shanahan said. “We’re gonna do everything we can to protect him so he can have an easier job.”

Orgeron said in the two practices since the loss, Brennan has made strides in the areas he needs to work on. 

“He’s stepping up in the pocket, making better decisions and he did it yesterday, he had a really good day yesterday,” Orgeron said. “Myles has been wanting to

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