The Art of Combining: Masterpieces and Ensembles from Bellavista Collection 

From a non-designer’s point of view, product and interior design are all about shapes and combinations, which result in beauty and comfort. Well, to a large degree it’s true. Nearly each furniture piece is made of a combination of materials and creating design of a room involves combining a variety of things – furniture, lighting fixtures, carpets, and the like.

In a nutshell, choosing the right combination needs refined taste and a sense of proportion. Bellavista Collection, a renowned brand that designs and produces Italian luxury furniture, is well-known for judicious combinations of materials used for its pieces. Look at any option for any furniture piece at the brand’s website, and you’ll realize that wood, metal, marble, glass, and leather are combined so masterfully that the item is perceived as an inseparable whole.

Combining Materials

When producing a furniture piece, more than one material is used as a rule. There are exceptions, though: a few furniture pieces from Bellavista Collection are made of just one material. All metal BATISTA and all marble PENCHINO coffee tables are good examples. Nevertheless, most of the brand’s furniture is made of two or more materials – for example, of wood and metal, of wood, metal, and upholstery material, and the like. 

Combining metals and wood species in an optimal way is a very interesting yet tricky ask. From hundreds of species that could be used for producing furniture, Bellavista craftsmen chose about a dozen. Bellavista Collection uses the cherry-picked selection of woods, from time-honored oak, which has been widely used in furniture making since antiquity, to smart-looking exotic species like rosewood and ebony.

Along with naturally-colored woods, such as oak and American walnut, stained woods are used – in order to enlarge the number of colors and shades available. Honey-colored champagne stained oak, greyish smoke-stained oak, almost black moka stained walnut – all these options are among the popular choices for Bellavista’s wooden furniture. Customers appreciate the brand’s effort to provide multiple options for almost any item. The more variants are available, the easier it will be to find a piece that easily blends into the existing interior.

As to the metals, the absolute favorite is cast brass with an antique bronze finish. By the way, all metal details are designed and produced by the brand. Bellavista’s designers and foundrymen love brass for its grand look and workability. This alloy has a relatively low melting point, which means it is much easier to cast than, say, copper or steel. Normally, a cast brass detail is afterward covered with a layer of finish, which protects the surface from oxidizing and serves decorative purposes. 

Bellavista Collection applies a number of diverse yet equally attractive finishes. Among the most frequently used ones are shining Silver Leaf and Gold Leaf, elegant dark-colored Black Patina and Nero Bellavista, and, of course, noble-looking Antique bronze. 

One more combination of materials common in Bellavista is wood plus metal plus marble. Many Bellavista’s dining tables are offered with an optional marble top insert. Carefully picked kinds of this natural stone give customers plenty of choices. It’s pretty difficult to decide among chic-looking Emperador Dark Brown, Striato Grey, an impressive light-grey striped stone, greyish-white Carrara, white Calacatta, reddish Rosso Pechino, black Nero Marquina, and others.

Additionally, Bellavista Collection regularly replenishes the list of marbles used for its remarkable furniture pieces. Arabescato Grey – a smart-looking stone with grey veins and pinkish, light grey, and white swirls – is among the latest additions. If you look at DIAPASON dining table from the recent 20202-2021 collection, you will see how perfectly this lovely-looking stone harmonizes with either of the nine kinds of oak and walnut this table could be made of. So does Emperador Dark brown marble – one more option for DIAPASON’s top insert. 

And if you browse through descriptions of Bellavista’s sideboards, cabinets, and bar units, you will see that in addition to wood, metal, and natural stone (marble and onyx), other materials are used as well. Clear glass, mirrors, and top-quality saddle leather go with one another extremely well.

Combining Pieces

One more Bellavista’s strong point is the great combinability of all its products. Whatever style you prefer, you will surely find furniture, lamps, boiserie, and much more to your liking on Bellavista’s website. Actually, you can easily furnish your home using items from this brand only. But that isn’t all. 

Bellavista brand has its own design department, where designs of remarkable items and entire homes are created. The head of this department, Attilio Zanni, is a brilliant all-round designer and one of the brand’s founding fathers. Thanks to his talent and hard work, Bellavista Collection brand not only survived and celebrates its 10th anniversary this year – it flourished. Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection is all known over the world. Customers highly appreciate its top quality, extreme longevity, as well as its inimitable style, which will never go out of fashion. 

This design department, or better say, studio, can boast of numerous successfully fulfilled interior design projects. Numerous apartments, houses, luxurious villas and vacation homes are furnished solely with the items designed and manufactured by Bellavista Collection. Besides, Bellavista has always been cooperating with reputable architects and designers, who create luxurious interiors for hotels and restaurants in many countries of the world.

You can see images of the eye-catching furniture sets created within these projects on the brand’s website, in a separate section (which was added quite recently, by the way). Just select “Casa Bellavista projects” in the main menu. Also, the brand regularly posts the images of the interiors furnished in Bellavista style on corporate accounts in social networks and online communities, such as Instagram, Houzz, and Pinterest. You are welcome to enjoy these beautiful images and borrow ideas, if you feel like it. It’s pretty likely that you will – ensembles from Bellavista Collection are so appealing!