Tulsa Resident Captures Contractor Using Homophobic Slurs on Camera [Video]

A resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was shocked when he heard a contractor working for the City of Tulsa Water Department use homophobic slurs outside his home on October 2.

Bobby Elder’s security cameras captured the offensive language as the man, who was working on the water main near his home, approached saying, “This is a whole house full of them … a bunch of dope-smoking queers.”

He continues with the offensive remarks as he walks up the steps, saying, “We’re going to shut your water off at 8.30. Get all your group showers done by then.”

Elder told local media outlet KTUL after his partner answered the door they checked the surveillance footage to have a closer listen to what they thought they heard.

“Unfortunately, it was what we heard, and also much more,” Elder told KTUL.

In the same interview, he said he’s lived in the area most of his life and never had a problem.

The Director of Communications for the City of Tulsa, Michelle Brooks, told Storyful the person was not a City of Tulsa employee, but was “an employee of a contractor working on a waterline replacement project for the City’s utility authority.”

In the same statement, the city condemned the offensive remarks, saying, “The behavior displayed by this individual was ignorant and reprehensible and does not reflect the City’s values of diversity, inclusion, and respect for all of the constituents we serve. The City has talked to the contractor and this individual was removed immediately from all City projects.” Credit: Bobby Elder via Storyful

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