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Frieda Pinto’s dream home

“He has this friend rule,” actress Frieda Pinto explains of interior designer Bobby Berk. “He never works with his good friends and said to us, ‘I love you too much to design your home.’ He didn’t want things to get messy. But [my husband Cory Tran and I] were so convinced that he had the right taste for everything we envisioned for this house, which we had been searching for so long—it has the best bones, the best energy, and belonged to the loveliest couple before us—that we decided we just had to convince him to make an exception and break his rule.”

Though the project took three times longer than Berk predicted because of the pandemic, Pinto is over the moon with how it all turned out. Over the phone, she excitedly describes her new home as a kind of “mini spa,” a place full of carefully curated little nooks and crannies where she feels she is able to unwind and be herself. –Noor Brara

Photo: Michael P. H. Clifford

Whitney Cummings’s mountain-set house

It was the soothing, monumental landscape that ultimately swayed Whitney Cummings to buy her home just outside L.A. “I spent a lot of my childhood in Virginia and West Virginia, where the medicine is the mountain,” recalls the comedian and actor, whose many talents include writing, directing, producing, and podcasting. “I wasn’t anxious or stressed when I was there, and I always had perspective. I want to be in the middle of nowhere.”

Cummings kept encountering the work of AD100 designer Jake Arnold, growing more riveted by his aesthetic with each space she saw. Dan Levy, of Schitt’s Creek fame, connected the two, and Cummings and Arnold immediately hit it off. Soon, Arnold was busy transforming what he describes as Cummings’s faux Tuscan villa into a Santa Fe–meets–monastery–inspired abode layered with plenty of warmth and texture. –Alia Akkam