Why Having a Garden at Your Backyard Is a Good Idea

Growing your vegetables and fruit has a positive effect on the environment, as well as being a perfect way to save the bees. Bees are vital to food production worldwide, as they pollinate most crops. Yet bees have died everywhere in the last decades due to different factors such as air pollution, pesticides, and fertilizers. Gardens at the backyard are a perfect idea for planting vegetables and flowers to attract bees and other pollinators. It is just one of the advantages of having a garden in your backyard, and there are many more good ideas. Some of them are explained below:

Save the Earth

Plants consume CO2 in the air that leads to global warming and transforms it into life-giving, earth-protecting oxygen, so it is an environmental bonus to introduce plants to the earth. Yet this is not the only way in which gardens enable the soil to develop. Gardens minimize emissions by reducing the amount of food needed to be transported by truck or plane over long distances. Gardeners recycle food waste to keep it away from landfills. As gardeners use organic growing practices, they help preserve chemical-free wastewater and groundwater. And by preventing invasive species and planting non-GMO, heirloom seeds, gardeners are helping to protect our planet’s rich biodiversity.

Sunshine and Fresh Air

Since childhood, we have always been advised that fresh air is good for us. Outdoor sunlight stimulates our skin to develop vitamin D, an essential vitamin that helps prevent depression, osteoporosis, and cancer. Sunshine speeds up recovery, too. So being outside increases our overall sense of physical well-being (creating a greater understanding of vitality) as well as mental health (lifting our mood). Indeed, Norskeanmeldelser and ChillOut summed up the results of their reviews by saying, “spending time outdoors helps us to feel alive.”

Although the development of Vitamin D needs some sunshine, our bodies generate our daily allowance within a few minutes. Sun hours help plants flourish, so gardeners have to be vigilant about unnecessary exposure to the sun. Secure your skin with generous sunscreen formulations against cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays, cover as much surface as possible in light and breathable fabrics, and wear a sunhat. We always lean over our tender plants as gardeners, so don’t forget the back of your neck!

Upholding the Culture of Gardening

Gardening is a way of showing children how the agricultural system functions. Children are also taught the value of healthy, nutritious food. Children need to learn about gardening because they will be interested in doing this and doing it for themselves at home. Children will realize the necessity of biodiversity in the garden and the importance of a large variety. For the kids, spending more time together, and learning about gardening is the right way.

Mental Health

Exercise, sunlight, and fresh air are just the beginning of documented beneficial effects of gardening on mental health. It turns out that the investment of time in nature makes our brains especially soothed and stimulated. Being surrounded by nature reduces anxiety and depression, helps with stress control, and much more.